This Is Undoubtedly the Biggest Benefit of Owning Apple Devices

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People choose Apple products for a variety of reasons, from privacy expectations to the clean and minimal aesthetic of the ecosystem.

But by far one of the best parts about the Apple ecosystem is not how fast the devices are or how easy they are to use. It’s the way that each product in the company’s lineup works seamlessly and effortlessly with each other.

Apple’s Seamless Ecosystem

If you need an example of that, just take a look at the clip blow from Reddit. (And you can try it out for yourself the next time you’re at the Apple store with a pair of AirPods.)

Apple makes it incredibly simple to connect AirPods to an iPhone — you literally just hold the devices close to each other. While delving into the Bluetooth menu to connect a device manually isn’t the end of the world, Apple’s ecosystem makes it pretty much effortless.

There are numerous other examples of Apple’s tight integration.

  • If you wear an Apple Watch, you can unlock your MacBook Pro automatically.
  • Need to search for something on Apple TV? If your iPhone is nearby, you can use its keyboard to tap out a query.
  • And then there’s AirDrop. You can live without it, sure. But it makes pretty much any other method of transferring files between devices seem tedious by comparison.

All of this is summed up in Apple’s famous “it just works” philosophy, famously spoken by Steve Jobs year after year at announcement events. And that “it just works” philosophy is really something you have to experience firsthand to appreciate.

Apple’s Continuity

This level of continuity between devices is just not possible when your smartphone is made by Samsung, your computer is made by Dell and your smart speaker is an Amazon product.

And that’s not even considering the fact that the Dell computer runs an operating system developed by Microsoft. And that Samsung smartphone? It’s based on Android, which is maintained by Google.

Compared to the exceptionally fragmented ecosystem of Android or Windows laptops, Apple maintains extremely tight control over its devices. It makes the hardware, it makes the software, and it designs the features that runs on the software.

Because of that, Apple is able to create every device to work seamlessly with each other. While you can certainly get a similar level of convenience from an Android device or a Windows PC, Apple’s devices come that way out of the box.

And it’s not about “dumbing down” tech. Instead, it’s about spending less time getting a device to do what you want it to and more time actually doing what you want — whether it’s work, creativity or play.

Apple’s best product, as we’ve covered before, is arguably its commitment to privacy. But the best feature of the Apple ecosystem is undoubtedly the fact that “it just works.”

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