This iOS 10 Concept Gives Us Everything We Wanted and More

This iOS 10 Concept Gives Us Everything We Wanted and More
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iOS 10 is right around the corner – in fact, we can expect the operating system to be shown off at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference between June 13 and 17. Still, we won’t get an official feel for it until the fall, when Apple releases the iPhone 7.

Of course that doesn’t stop us from speculating about what the newest version of iOS could look like. Apple fans Federico Vittici, from MacStories, and Sam Beckett, have teamed up to create a video detailing their iOS 10 wish list. Sure, many of the things in the video are a little fanciful, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t dream!

The video shows the ability to quickly and easily access items in Control Center, as well as a system-wide dark mode. This would essentially flip the colors of iOS, turning whites to blacks, an ensuring that users don’t get blinded when they turn on their device at night.

The video also has an emphasis on multitasking, showing a “drag and drop” feature that would allow the user to quickly drag text and images from one app to another. Siri is highlighted in the video as well, with the team hoping for contextual updates to Siri – that is, Siri’s answers would depend on user location and the time of the question being asked.

Smaller things are also included – such as the ability to search through emoji and preview them in Messages, as well as a document picker for Apple’s iCloud Drive.

Very few details about iOS 10 have been released or leaked so far – which is somewhat surprising considering the avalanche of leaks we’ve seen related to the iPhone 7 hardware. For example, many rumors suggest that the iPhone 7 will include a dual-lens camera, with one lens being devoted to standard shots and the other being used for zoomed-in photos. Not only that, but we should also expect a pretty drastic design change for the new device, considering this is not an ‘s’ release.

Still, the software running on the device is just as important as the hardware. It’s largely expected that Siri will receive a pretty significant upgrade in iOS 10. For example, some reports indicate that Siri will be able to handle things like voicemails, even being able to tell callers why you might not be able to come to the phone. This feature will be part of something called iCloud Voicemail, and will act as an enhancement to the standard iPhone voicemail service. Sure, Apple isn’t launching its own mobile network just yet, but features like this bring it closer to doing so.

Perhaps one of the biggest things we’re hoping to see in iOS 10 is 3D Touch becoming more relevant. Sure, 3D Touch made certain actions easier, but it isn’t being used to its full potential. iOS 10 could really change that. Another thing that isn’t being used to its full potential is Apple News. We’re hoping that Apple will more deeply integrate News with iOS 10, which will help users receive the most interesting news at a glance, and could also give the app a nice boost in readership which it wholeheartedly deserves.

Last but not least is and update to the volume controller. Notification audio controls are handled the same way as media audio controls, and unfortunately it currently seems as though there isn’t a way to turn down media volume without first starting up the media – which means that you could be blaring your favorite guilty pleasure (cat videos) loud enough for everyone to hear before you get a chance to turn the volume down.

iOS 10 will likely be a large upgrade and we are excited for the possibilities, however, only time will tell what the update actually ends up offering.

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What’s your favorite feature outlined in the video? Let us know in the comments below.


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