This Ultra-Popular Fitness Mirror Is More Affordable Than Ever Before in New, Limited-Time Promotion

It’s one of the hottest products in connected fitness this year.
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The Mirror rode the wave of the pandemic-inspired, at-home fitness craze to become one of the top pieces of gear you could add to your home gym. If the price tag was a turn-off for you, then you may want to reconsider.

If you missed Mirror’s spring special, you’re still in luck. Starting April 27th, Mirror is running the same great promotion for Mother’s Day ($150 off, plus free shipping and free installation) with a new promo code. Follow this link and enter promo code MOTHERSDAY150.

What Is The Mirror?

This Peloton rival earns praise for its strenuous workouts and boutique online workout classes. Mirror offers hundreds of classes ranging from short yoga sessions to hour-long, body-busting cardio workouts.

Users can join live classes if they want to work out with other users in real-time or choose an on-demand class they can complete on their schedule.

Unlike most at-home gym equipment, the Mirror has a discreet design that fits in with any home decor. Modern or traditional, the Mirror will blend right in.

It mounts flush to the wall and takes up minimal space making it perfect for apartment dwellers. It masquerades as a decorative mirror until you fire it up and realize its potential to transform your body.

Mirror typically costs $1,495 plus tax but buyers can save hundreds of dollars by taking advantage of the promotions above and below.

How to Get the Deal | Promo Code

Depending on when you’re reading this article, you have a few options to take advantage of this fantastic deal which nets buyers $400 in total savings. Use the promotional code SPRING21 until April 27th, or afterward, use code MOTHERSDAY21 during checkout. This deal is available for a limited time only and expires May 9th. Get it here.

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