This Band Uses Mind Control to Interact with Your Apple Watch

Its sensors monitor electrical signals sent from your brain to your fingers as they move.
Mudra Band Gestures Credit: Mudra Band
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The Apple Watch is a game-changer for those who prefer to interact with the watch on their wrist instead of pulling their phone out of their pocket. But, as incredibly useful as the Apple Watch is, you still have to use two hands – one that is wearing the watch and the other to interact with the watch.

As hard as you may have tried – nose tappers, I’m looking at you – the Apple Watch was not a one-handed device.. until now.

Thanks to the Mudra Band from Wearable Devices, you truly can control your Apple Watch with a single hand.

What Is It?

Winner of a CES 2021 Innovation Award, the Mudra Band is a sensor-packed replacement band for the Apple Watch.

The integrated sensors monitor the electrical signals sent from your brain to your fingers as they move.

Sophisticated deep learning, artificial intelligence algorithms capture that signal and map it to a corresponding finger movement.

After the band does the heavy lifting of interpreting the neural input, it then sends this information to the Apple Watch using Bluetooth LE.

On the watch side, you can assign each finger movement to a specific action. You could move your pinky to answer a phone call or use a pinch motion to dismiss a notification, for example.

Where Can I Get It?

Created by Wearable Devices, the Mudra band is available via this IndieGoGo campaign. The band costs $179 and is entering the production stage with a tentative ship date of March 2021.

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