This $6,000 Custom iPhone 12 Pro Contains a Fragment of Steve Jobs’ Original Turtleneck

Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Jobs 4 Gold Credit: Caviar
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For those who don’t think the iPhone 12 Pro is expensive enough, luxury design brand Caviar has come up with an extravagant customized version of Apple’s flagship iPhone to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the iPhone 4.

The exclusive new models, dubbed the “iPhone 12 Pro Jobs 4” collection, start at a staggering $6,490 for a 128GB iPhone 12 Pro Black model, or $7,060 for the same model in a white finish, and if that’s not expensive enough, the Jobs 4 Gold edition of the 512GB iPhone 12 Pro Max will set you back $10,140.

What’s noteworthy about this new collection, however, is that it’s not just about making overly blinged-up iPhones; lots of companies have done that over the years, but to give some due credit, Caviar is releasing these as special commemorative editions for Apple’s biggest (and wealthiest) fans, since they not only feature a redesign that hearkens back to the museum-piece quality of the original iPhone 4, but they actually include an authentic fragment of Jobs’ original famous turtleneck embedded right inside the Apple logo.

It’s a perfect storm of timing for such a product, since of course the iPhone 12 is the first model to return to the flat-edged design that was first introduced with the iPhone 4 back in 2010, and the iPhone 4 was also the last iPhone to ever be personally introduced by the legendary Steve Jobs himself; by the time the iPhone 4S was introduced in October 2011, Jobs had handed over the reins of Apple to Tim Cook, and in fact, Jobs tragically passed away the very next day following the announcement of the iPhone 4S.

So unlike most luxury Apple products, it’s hard to deny that these new iPhone 12 Pro Jobs 4 models have a definite value as collectors’ items, although most of us will simply have to look on in fascination at the luxurious designs.

While the front of each of the special edition iPhone 12 Pro models is the same as you’ll find on the retail versions, the backs have been replaced with either hardened blackened titanium or white G10 jewelry enamel, while the more expensive white version features the bitten Apple logo in 925 silver, while the gold version includes 18-karat gold trim around the black titanium, plus the logo crafted from pure 750 gold.

For fans of the very original 2007 iPhone design, there’s also a “Jobs 1st” edition, that features the two-tone design of the first iPhone, using regular and blackened tempered titanium rather than the steel and plastic of the original.

Notably, however, within the logo of all of the special Jobs models is a fragment of Steve Jobs’ original iconic turtleneck sweater, supposedly worn by the man himself. We won’t speculate on how Caviar got its hands on one or more of Jobs’ sweaters.

In keeping with the iPhone 4 style, the back is also engraved with text — a departure from the more austere logo-only design that Apple was able to adopt after the E-Label Act allowed it to eliminate all of the unsightly FCC and other industry certification markings. However, in this case, it’s not FCC and certification makings that Caviar has included, but rather a replica of Jobs’ autograph and the famous Apple slogan, “Think different.”

As part of the new collection, Caviar is also offering up a special custom pair of $1,830 New Balance 991 Jobs sneakers — the Apple founder’s favourites — decorated with black leather inserts, hand-embroidered commemorative inscriptions, and a fragment of Jobs’ turtleneck attached to the tongue.

To say these are limited edition pieces is an understatement as well since Caviar notes that it will only be producing 10 of each design, regardless of specific models, while it will be producing 30 of the New Balance 991 Jobs sneakers.

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