These Runners Took Powerbeats Pro on a 24-hour Run Through Iceland

Powerbeats Pro Zero Dark Project Runners Credit: Beats
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2019 has been a big year for Apple’s expansion in the world of true wireless earbuds, taking its iconic and insanely popular AirPods to the next level, both in a nicely-updated successor to the original that added “Hey Siri” and wireless charging support, and a new sport-focused version under Apple’s Beats brand that incorporates almost all of the same groundbreaking technology that made the AirPods great.

We’ve already outlined a few of the reasons why you might choose the Powerbeats Pro over the more classic and pocketable AirPods, and now a new video ad published by Beats on its YouTube channel provides an even more compelling case for the athlete’s answer to the AirPods.

The video highlights the Zero Dark Project a challenge where a group of seven runners from the Paris Running Club travelled to Iceland to undertake a gruelling 280-kilometre run, powered all the way by Beats’ Powerbeats Pro headphones.

The goal of the runners was to run for a full 24 hours as a relay, “to chase a sun that wouldn’t set for days,” through the diverse natural landscapes of Iceland, across fields and mountains, fjords and fountains, and windy plains. The team prominently wore Powerbeats Pro headphones in the video, which was intended to highlight the battery life of the true wireless earbuds, implying that with 24 hours of listening time (via the case), the runners were able to stay plugged into their music throughout their entire tour.

In the narration of the video, one member of the running team describes the importance of music to the run.

I said to myself, take full advantage of the moment, take full advantage of this instant. There are perfect moments like this, just the music, the light and the color. Music is an upper, it feels like you’re flying. Your desires are stronger, you want to run faster, you want to breathe deeper.

In addition to the Powerbeats Pro, several of the runners are shown wearing Apple Watches, suggesting that some of them may have also been streaming music directly from their wrists rather than carrying an iPhone with them.

The Powerbeats Pro went on sale in May, although so far only the black version remains available, with ivory, navy, and moss options still listed as arriving “this summer.” Incorporating the same H1 chip as Apple’s AirPods, they’ve been widely regarded as the wireless earbuds to get for those in the Apple ecosystem who have considerably more active lifestyles, as they have a much more secure and comfortable fit, provide almost double the battery life between charges, and they’re sweat-resistant. However, on the downside they’re more expensive and also lack the wireless charging feature added to this year’s second-generation AirPods.

Meanwhile, however, there’s every indication that Apple is not through yet, with multiple rumours suggesting that we could see more additions to the AirPods family this fall, with AirPods 3 and perhaps even AirPods Pro yet to come. That said, however, it seems fairly likely that Powerbeats Pro will remain locked in as the premium sport model for the foreseeable future, with any new AirPods that may be coming expected to focus on water resistance, new designs, active noise cancellation, and health sensors.

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