These New, Reimagined Products Bring Ordinary Items into the Future

New Reimagined Products
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Have you ever noticed how there are some products that technology seems to pass by? Take a look around your home, and you’ll see things like hand towels, cables, spray bottles, and backpacks that haven’t changed in years.

These crowdfunded brands are working to change that, and they have the potential to revolutionize some of the most common items in the world. Take a look and see what we mean, starting with a common item near and dear to all of us these days – the face mask.

Breeze Cooling Face Mask


One of the most common complaints about face masks is that they’re uncomfortable. Seems like a small price to pay for helping your fellow humans survive, but people have a point. In hot and humid weather, a protective face mask can feel intolerable.

The Breeze mask fixes that with a design that includes silver and gold bactericide filters with an outer layer designed to encourage airflow. It’s durable and ready for all-day wear while ensuring your face still stays comfortable. The velcro strap system is also very nice, and as long as you periodically clean the filters then they can keep on working! Learn more here.

Mizu Antibacterial, Color-Changing Towels

Few places in the home can attract germs and mildew like wet towels. Mizu wants to make your life easier with towels that are designed to stay clean – and help you take care of them properly. This line of towels is made with Xinjiang cotton and antibacterial silver particles. It’s absorbent and fast-drying, too.

But the best trick of all is the solvatochromic strip. The towels come with strips of color that change from blue to red when they detect things like skin oils, soap residue, bacteria, or sweat so that you know it’s time to give the towel a good wash. Learn more here. If you’re wondering, “Why didn’t anyone think of that before?” just wait until you get to our next pick…

Lumos Ultra Bike Helmet

Smart Helmet

The Lumos helmet is a bike helmet…with smart lights. The perfect combination is just what bikers need when riding in darker conditions. When you turn it on, a light upfront near the forehead provides visibility and guidance that makes it especially clear to any oncoming traffic that you’re there. In the back are two LED strips that are controlled via wireless on-bike remote that essentially act as blinkers, allowing you to signal where you’re going to people in behind.

The helmet is also weatherproof, crash test certified, controllable by app, and upgradeable. Currently, the project is still in its crowdfunding days, so it’s going to be a while before it (hopefully) hits the market, but you can start looking for funding packages and order reservations soon. Learn more here.

Dawn Urban Backpack

Dawn Urban Backpack

It’s hard to say what the Dawn backpack doesn’t do – it’s really more a whole storage system inside one pack. It has magnetic snaps for the larger compartments, a shoe chamber for storing alternate shoes, a charging cable for your devices that includes a magnetic dock, and a retractable keychain for easy signing in or unlocking your apartment. There are even contour lights that look cool and add safety when traveling at night.

All of this is, of course, in addition to many other compartments, including a hidden compartment for money, and strap compartments for storing cards and phones right against your chest. It’s a backpack that can be whatever you need it to be! Learn more here.

Nect Modem

Nect Modem

The idea of a portable modem may sound a little odd in the days of smartphone hotspots, but you really should take a look at this innovative project. The idea is a battery-powered, portable modem that can connect to (or sit beside) your laptop and provide a high-quality, data-based internet connection wherever you need it.

Nect says that the lil’ modem won’t require a SIM card, will have enough battery power to last a whole day, and offer speeds up to 150Mbps, more than the average hotspot can provide…plus, you don’t have to hop on someone’s janky public Wi-Fi. However, it’s still in the prototype stage, so this product has a way to go before it’s ready to confirm shipping. Learn more here.

Egret Spraying Device


The spray bottle is due for a modern update, and Egret has a solution for us all. This spray bottle, which looks a bit like a miniature Brita filter, is designed for easy and thorough spraying. It’s also made to create and hold electrolyzed water, which is basically saltwater used to create hypochlorous acid as it is sprayed. Studies have shown that electrolyzed water has potential as a sanitization formula that could even replace things like chlorine (you may have already encountered saltwater spas, which work via a similar method). Keep an eye on this one! Learn more here.

Lumonitor 4K Self-Powered Monitor

Lumonitor 4k Portable Monitor

The Lumonitor is essentially a universal monitor about the size of a laptop screen, designed to work anywhere and with anything and provides up to 4K resolution on its 15.6-inch display. It’s also a touchscreen, which opens up a whole other avenue of uses, and has a built-in battery so you don’t always need to rely on a corded connection. Basically, any place where you could use a secondary screen, Lumonitor could be the best choice around. That goes for coders, photographers, vloggers, designers of all kinds, work-at-home employees, and gamers who use second screens for research or item management. We’re really excited about this one, and can’t wait for it to become available. Learn more here.

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