These Are the Lowest Prices We’ve Seen on the Apple Watch Series 3 Yet

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If you’re looking for gift ideas this holiday season, consider an Apple Watch. It’s the gift of health, connectivity, safety and convenience — all in one.

One of the best ways to get into the Apple Watch ecosystem is with the Apple Watch Series 3, an affordable but still extremely capable wearable. And now, many retailers are offering the Series 3 for the lowest prices we’ve seen yet. Prices are subject to change.

Lowest Prices on Apple Watch Series 3

  1. Walmart currently has the 38mm Apple Watch Series 3 available for $169.99. You can get both the Space Gray/Black and the Silver/White option from the retail giant.
  2. It’s also worth noting that Amazon also has Apple Watch Series 3 variants for the same price point ($169.99). Although, as of the writing of this article, they appear to be in the midst of restocking the Silver/White version.
  3. If the person you’re gifting the Apple Watch to prefers larger watches, Amazon also has the 42mm case size available. While it isn’t quite as cheap, it’s still $30 off the retail price.

Walmart offers two-day free shipping, while Amazon may even have one-day free shipping depending on where you live and if you’re a Prime subscriber.

The Apple Watch Series 3 itself is a wearable that’s a few years old, but is still powerful and feature-rich. It comes with top-notch fitness and health tracking features, as well as a built-in optical heart rate sensor.

It also packs all-day battery life and most of the best features of Apple’s watchOS platform, from the fun Walkie Talkie communication system to motivational Activity Sharing.

And that’s not all — there are plenty of other reasons why Apple Watch owners rave about their trusty wrist-worn companions.

Apple’s flagship wearable is the most popular watch in the world for a reason. And this holiday season, the Apple Watch Series 3 is the best and most affordable way to give someone the feature-packed device.

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