These Are the Best Smart Home Brands to Buy for Apple HomeKit

Best Brands and Products to Use with Apple HomeKit Credit: Hadrian / Shutterstock
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HomeKit is Apple’s smart home platform and an important part of today’s Apple ecosystem. If a connected smart device is compatible with HomeKit, that means you can usually use Siri commands to control it, and integrate multiple devices and routines all in one spot – the Home App. It’s the Apple equivalent to Google Assistant or Alexa, and it means you can control a variety of smart devices without constantly switching between apps or voice assistants.

But how do you know which smart devices work with HomeKit? Well, sometimes, you have to read the fine print or check up on product specifications, which can be annoying. But if you are looking for specific smart devices that work with Home and HomeKit, we can help out. Here are our favorite brands that offer high-quality smart devices for Home, and are generally safe to buy from if you are an Apple user (some TVs are even compatible). 

Please keep in mind there are other brands that you really don’t want to buy for HomeKit, brands that will not support control via Siri or the Home app. One of the best examples of brands to avoid is the popular Nest platform, which is owned by Google. Google doesn’t want to give Apple any control over Nest devices or data, so Nest products will not work with HomeKit. Apple is improving its HomeKit compatibility, but to be safe, watch for the brands we discuss below and always check twice. 


Philips is one of the premier creators of smart bulbs and smart lighting, so if you want control over your lighting and light colors via voice commands and apps, Philips is one of the best ways to go. Multiple packages, including light strips, Hue bulbs, and light bars from Philips will all work with HomeKit. If you don’t like Philips products that much, Lifx and Lutron also have smart lighting options that are Apple friendly and worth your time.


Logitech has a variety of products for smart home creation, and all their latest releases are compatible with HomeKit. That includes innovating products like the Pop home switch, which lets you control various home systems with a personalized button. The Logitech Circle devices, security cameras for your home, will also work with the Home app. 


You may not have heard of August, but if you are looking for smart door locks, they should definitely be one of your top choices. August has been making smart locks for front doors for years, and after some ups and downs, they deliver a reliable and effective product that allows you to monitor your door lock from an app, unlock it at a distance, and check to see if it’s locked at any time, among other abilities. Their latest locks, like the Smart Lock Pro, work quite well with HomeKit and are relatively easy to install, too!


The most popular smart thermostat choice is probably Nest, but those models don’t work with HomeKit. However, a second favorite and very solid pick is Ecobee, which makes its own line of smart thermostats and sensors for your home. These thermostats provide lots of useful information and alerts – and you can program them for whatever schedules or energy-saving plans you have. All the latest Ecobee devices are happily Home compatible, too (and more affordable than many competitors). If you want an alternative to compare to Ecobee, take a look at Honeywell, too. Honeywell’s latest smart thermostats are also Apple-friendly.


Arlo, a company owned by Netgear, specializes in tiny little security cameras that are great for positioning around your home. These security cams have excellent resolution, night vision, motion detection and alerts, and much more – controlled via an excellent app. If you are specifically looking for a smart security camera, make sure to check out Arlo products before you decide.


Belkin owns the Wemo line of smart devices. Wemo is particularly popular for its smart plugs and smart switches – basically, taking the current electrical outlets in your home and upgrading them to smart versions. This way, whatever is wired or plugged in becomes a smart device, and you can set schedules, control it with the app, monitor its energy usage, and lots more. Wemo has become popular with this approach, and devices like its smart light switch and Mini smart plug are compatible with HomeKit.


Rachio has a unique offering in the smart home world – smart sprinklers! Specifically, it offers kits that you can use to control newer sprinkler systems via the app and easy scheduling from your smartphone. Combine it with the Home app, and it’s another part of your home that you can monitor from afar (and use to save some money on water bills).


Eve has a variety of smart home devices, including smart powerstrips (handy for the office), smart water valve controls, smart weather stations (both outdoor and indoor monitoring), and smart light switches. That makes Eve a great brand to look for Apple-compatible gifts or smart devices that people may not have yet or to compare with similar smart devices that you have already found.

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