T-Mobile Will Only Offer Its ‘T-Mobile One’ Plan Going Forward

T Mobile One Plan
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T-Mobile made a pretty big announcement at its press event at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. Going forward, it is only going to sell its $70 a month T-Mobile ONE plan, which comes with unlimited data. For families of four, T-Mobile is offering a reduced $40 per line per month billing rate, where the first line is $70, the second is $50, and the last two additions are $20 per person. Existing customers can keep their plans, but new T-Mobile users will have their options limited to T-Mobile ONE.

The idea is to do away with confusing and questionable billing practices and implement a “what you see is what you pay” subscription scheme that eschews taxes, surcharges, and other hidden or confusing bills. That may come as a relief to consumers in the wake of recent wireless billing scandals involving sneaky and unauthorized charges.

What T-Mobile will do to prevent users from gobbling up massive amounts of data at once, is slow down data speeds for the top 3% of data consumers temporarily, but only when the user’s nearby cell tower reaches capacity. Users who jump on the plan, and use 26 GB of data or less per month, will never see a data slowdown.

Those who want a higher quality video streaming experience can shell out an additional $15 per month to sign up for the T-Mobile ONE Plus plan. Those who don’t use up too much data (i.e. less than 2GB) will receive $10 bill credits under T-Mobile’s kickback program.

To entice new converts, T-Mobile is offering a $150 gift card to every line that switches over from another carrier. It’s all part of rockstar CEO John Legere’s plan to brand his company as a customer-friendly “un-carrier.”

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