T-Mobile Expands 5G to 4 New Cities, Adds Cheap Unlimited 5G Family Plan

T Mobile 5G Credit: T-Mobile
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T-Mobile continues to make progress with its 5G network. The company expanded coverage yet again to select cities on the east coast. To celebrate the completion this 5G milestone and its merger with Sprint, the carrier also unveiled a new unlimited plan for $100 that includes 5G coverage.

T-Mobile is turning on its 600MHz 5G network in four new areas, including Topeka, KS, Sussex County, DE, and three cities in Virginia (Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Richmond). Shortly, this coverage also will be extended to Buffalo, NY.

According to T-Mobile, its 5G network now covers 6,000 cities and 225 million people across the US. Its 5G coverage also is fast with download speeds up of more than 300 Mbps and occasional peak speeds of 1.2Gbps.

Right now, there are no iPhone models with 5G support. Folks who want to take advantage of T-Mobile’s 5G network will have to use an Android phone such as the OnePlus 8 5G, the Samsung Galaxy S20 series, the LG V60 ThinQ 5G, among others. Apple may be behind, but not for long. The company is expected to introduce the iPhone 12 this fall with 5G as one of its significant features. It also may include an OLED display, a new iPhone 4-inspired design and more.

Along with an expanded network, T-Mobile also is offering a new unlimited Essentials plan for its 5G network. The wireless carrier has a new plan that provides unlimited data for only $100 a month for four lines.

New T Mobile 5G Plan

This price does require customers to sign-up for autopay or pay an additional $5 per month. This plan also includes 5G network access for customers with compatible phones. It starts this week and lasts for a “limited time this summer.”

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