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Survey Finds the Average iPhone Selling Price in America Is High – But Not Nearly as Bad as Other Countries

Survey Finds the Average iPhone Selling Price in America Is High - But Not Nearly as Bad as Other Countries
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According to a new market research report generated by the Latin American-based retailer, Linio, of the 71 iPhone-selling countries surveyed, the United States ranks 39th on the list of places where you can currently buy the least expensive iPhone, on average. In other words, having registered a pre-tax average sale price of $625.88 per handset, American citizens are paying more for their iPhones than residents of 38 other countries where the device is also sold, according to the results of Linio’s study, which sought to analyze the average cost of new electronics in different markets around the world.

In comparison, at an average sale price of $574.50, $555.25, and $542.29, Australia, Canada, and The United Kingdom came in for 20th, 14th, and 12th place, respectively, on Linio’s list.

The study also found that while you’d have to travel to the remote, South African enclave of Angola in order to purchase the world’s cheapest iPhone — with an average sale price of just $401.94 per unit — that otherwise welcoming price, unfortunately for Americans, represents a difference of approximately $220 in overall savings for the folks in Angola.

It’s not entirely clear how Linio went about collecting its data — whether or not all iPhone models were considered, or just certain units, in particular, that are available in each region; however, Linio notes within its findings how evident it is that taxes and inflation have a “huge influence” on the average selling price of the same products in different areas of the world. For instance, the survey found that some Middle Eastern countries turned out to be among the cheapest places in the world one can buy an iPhone — even despite the exceptionally high cost of living, rate of inflation, and taxes levied in the region.

Yet another stark example of inflation’s impact on driving the cost of products can be seen in countries like Venezuela where restrictions on importing goods, coupled with higher-than-normal rates of inflation, have driven the average cost of an iPhone up to a gut-wrenching $97,813.82 per handset. As if that wasn’t dizzying enough, consider that the price of a new MacBook — depending on the model of your choosing, of course — can run as much as $176,000 apiece in the South American country.

Doesn’t make the “high cost” of buying an iPhone here in the States look so bad anymore, now does it? Certainly not. And even despite the comparatively higher cost of an iPhone in America than that of other countries, at least our MacBooks average just $1,241.63, according to the report.

How much does an iPhone cost where you live? Let us know in the comments!

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