Steve Wozniak Admits He ‘Kind of’ Likes iPhone X Tim Cook Sent Him

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Before the iPhone X’s release, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said he would not be upgrading to the latest Cupertino flagship. But now, Wozniak apparently has an iPhone X — and more than that, he doesn’t hate it.

Wozniak spoke at the technology- and business-focused Pivot Summit in Geelong, Victoria in Australia today. And during one of his talks, Wozniak shared a few tidbits of his experience with Apple’s latest and greatest OLED flagship.

At the Pivot Summit, Wozniak revealed that Apple CEO Tim Cook had personally sent him an iPhone X to try out. Presumably because of Wozniak’s previous comments about not picking up an iPhone X at launch. Wozniak didn’t explain why he wouldn’t be picking up an iPhone X, and Cook obviously saw that as a prime opportunity to change his mind.

Wozniak’s verdict? “I kind of like it,” he admitted to the audience, according to attendees. The former Apple engineer and co-founder also said that he spent two all-nighters setting up the device. He followed up by stating that he still prefers Touch ID over the iPhone X’s Face ID platform, and added that he wished Apple had embedded a fingerprint sensor somewhere on the device.

Wozniak also spoke on a variety of other topics, including how he had been an early investor in Bitcoin and had once designed a floppy disk drive in 2 weeks so he could get a trip to Vegas for the Consumer Electronic Show.

When asked about his former colleague and other Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, Wozniak compared him to Tesla’s current CEO Elon Musk. He went on to say that the two men did not have similar ideas, but had a “similar vision.” That, Wozniak contends, includes building products for your own needs — something he said usually leads to better results.

“When you make products that you want yourself and they meet your needs, they’re often the best products in the world,” Wozniak said, using Apple’s iPhone and Tesla’s lineup of electric vehicles as examples.

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