Steve Jobs’ Letter Featuring Thoughts on Buddhism Could Sell for $300,000

Steve Jobs 9 Credit: Apple
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The late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs left an unparalleled mark on the world of technology, redefining the means of smartphones and tablets. So, it’s no surprise that the world at large is interested in any and all things he left behind, including a letter he wrote when he was 18 years old, which is now being auctioned off and could go for as much as $300,000. 

Now, you’re probably wondering: What could possibly be in that letter that makes it worth that much? And who would be willing to buy it? 

British auction house Bonhams is responsible for auctioning off the letter. It is one page long and was originally written for Job’s longtime friend Tim Brown. In the note, Jobs explains his thoughts on Zen Buddhism and intentions to attend the religious festival Kumbh Mela in India. He starts the letter as follows:

tim i have read your letter many times. i do not know what to say. many mornings have come and gone people have came and went i have loved and i have cried many times. somehow, though, beneath it all it doesn’t change – do you understand?

Steve Jobs

Jobs continues to explain how he had been saving money for a trip to India. Ironically, that same year (1973), he famously spent seven months in India searching for spiritual enlightenment. Jobs went as far as shaving his head like a Buddhist Monk.

Following his life-changing trip, Job’s continued to meditate regularly and even experienced with psychedelics, which reinforced his sense of what was important, according to his biography written by Walter Isaacson.

In a press release, Adam Stackhouse, Bonhams’ director of history of science and technology, points out how this is the first autographed letter from Jobs appearing in an auction. In addition, Jobs was a very private individual, and there is no original material of his that is as insightful as this.

The letter ends on a powerful note: “i will end by saying i do not even know where to begin.”

Getting a sneak peek into the young entrepreneur’s mind just two years before becoming the co-founder of Apple is just another why this letter holds so much value.

As part of the History of Science and Technology sale, along with this letter, the auction will also include the Apple Macintosh prototype and first-generation iPad prototype.

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