Steam Summer Sale: 5 Awesome Mac Games to Try Today (up to 80% off)

Best Steam Sale Games1 Credit: Steam
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One of the annual events that many gamers anticipate is the Steam Summer Sale.

For two weeks, Steam offers massive discounts on a number of immensely popular games, software, and other accessories.

But one of the things that Mac users suffer from is the inability to find games that work. For a game developer to sell a product to Mac users, they must adapt it to the Macintosh operating system. However, that won’t be an issue today.

See below some awesome Mac-compatible games to consider at limited-time prices!

Note: All of the prices listed were correct at the time of writing. Sales will end on July 9th.

Stardew Valley


While it might surprise many users to hear this, but games about farming, chores, and normal life are surprisingly popular. Just look at Animal Crossing: New Horizons, a game where players are tasked to clean up an island, gather plants and fish, and decorate it to their heart’s desire.

While AC: NH requires users to have a Nintendo Switch, a popular alternative for many is Stardew Valley. You play as a local resident who has received their grandfather’s old farm in the aforementioned ‘Stardew Valley.’ Now they must begin building their new life. The game allows for multiplayer work within the town, as well as explore the local community, network with plenty of interesting characters, and bring life to this town. It’s an ‘ideal life simulator’ if you will.

Stardew is typically $14.99, but users can purchase it for $8.99 during the sale, a 40% discount.

Civilization 6

Civilization 6

How would you act if allowed to lead a nation? Would you act as a diplomat? Or would you strive to use military force to reinforce your concept? Would you lead yourself to religious domination? Or act as the economic center of development? These are the questions that surround a game like Civilization 6. Choose a nation, compete with others and lead them to victory. What will you choose? The game features several expansions, a multiplayer option and a variety of methods for victory.

Players can get the base game for $14.99, a 75% discount on the normal rate. Or they can purchase every expansion and addition for $47.43, which is a package typically valued at $167.91.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Call of Duty

For those desiring the magic of firearms, combat, and zombie combat, Black Ops III offers all of those options. The game offers a campaign fixated on the story of Alex Mason, a Black Ops soldier who served in missions for the United States, involving the Bay of Pigs, and several other historical missions. The game also includes several online multiplayer features, a variety of Zombie-themed maps, and so much more! The game is available in its Zombie Chronicles Edition (which includes several updated maps and toys included) for $35.99, a 40% discount on its normal price.

ARK: Survival Evolved


Has the notion of building a society surrounded by dinosaurs ever appealed to you? Or taming saurian creatures to serve your will? Or hunting and riding them? Or using them on your enemies? Such practices are possible with ARK, a game designed for players to hunt, explore and build a world of their own making. Think of it as a fancier version of Minecraft, where players will have to learn to build their own.

The base game is available for $9.99, an 80% discount on its usual pricing. The Explorer’s Edition, which includes the Season Pass, goes for around $22.64, a 76% discount on its normal rate.

Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon

You are the heir to an ancient fortune, only to be called back as your father has been removed from his house. An ancient evil was found below your home, and now you must guide and lead your bands of heroes into the darkness below. There, you and your heroes will fight for their lives, their minds and their sanity.

The game is a mixture of horror, strategy-based management. If you enjoy Lovecraftian themes mixed with strategy and randomization, this game is perfect for you.

You can get the base game for $6.24, or the Ancestral Edition (including two expansions, two additional character classes and a PvP mode) for $16.38, a 70% discount.

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