Spotify Premium Subscribers Can Now Get Access to Hulu for Free

Spotify Iphone Credit: 9to5Mac
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Spotify is bumping up its competitiveness by offering a free, ad-supported Hulu plan for all subscribers of its Spotify Premium service.

The bundle pairs a Hulu with Limited Commercials plan with any Spotify Premium subscription. That means users can get both Spotify Premium and a Hulu account for $9.99 — essentially making the TV streaming service free for as long as you pay for Spotify Premium.

Since Hulu slashed its monthly price for that plan to $5.99 a month, it means that users who subscribe to both could stand to save $3 a month. That may not seem like much, but it can add up pretty quickly.

How Do I Get It?

On the other hand, it’s worth noting that the bundled Hulu with Limited Commercials subscription doesn’t support any premium channels. That means you won’t be able to add Showtime or HBO to your account now or in the future.

Additionally, it appears that only individual Spotify Premium plans are eligible. If you pay for a Spotify Family plan, you won’t be able to take advantage of the free Hulu service.

Other Deals

If that deal doesn’t spark your interest, there are a few others.

Spotify is probably feeling the pressure of an impending Apple services launch on March 25 and is shoring up its defenses against Apple. In addition to a premium news service, Apple is largely expected to announce a forthcoming original TV content platform.

While it hasn’t been confirmed, Apple is rumored to be considering a combined services bundle that would include Apple Music, Apple Original TV content, and a premium Apple News subscription. There’s no word on pricing for a bundle quite yet though.

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