Sony’s ‘PlayLink’ Turns Your iPhone into a PS4 Controller

Sony's 'PlayLink' Turns Your iPhone into a PS4 Controller
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During its keynote address at this week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2017, Sony announced that it will soon launch a new collection of games that support cross-platform, interactive experiences between its PlayStation 4 game console and select mobile devices, such as Apple’s iPhone and Android smartphones.

Dubbed ‘PlayLink’, the games in this upcoming collection will be designed and built specifically with “group play” in mind, meaning the titles will allow players to utilize the touchscreen controls, cameras, and other features on their mobile devices to take full advantage of multiplayer gaming on PS4.

According to Sony, the native PS4 games in this forthcoming collection will be compatible with iPhone (and possibly iPad), as well as select Android devices via their respective companion apps. The Japanese gaming-giant confirmed several of these games will be available soon.

In practice, players will be able to utilize their mobile devices as if they were PS4 controllers, providing an interactive, touchscreen experience when playing multiplayer games.

“PlayLink combines your smartphone or tablet device, TV and PS4 console, with a collection of brand new games that take advantage of the smartphone or tablet device’s touchscreen and camera capabilities,” Sony said during its E3 keynote, while going on to explain how “PlayLink games turn your smartphone or tablet into a versatile controller – you can swipe, pinch, drag, tilt, rotate or even snap selfies and draw crafty doodles, depending on the game.”

One of the first titles created for the PlayLink collection will be called That’s You! — a comedy quiz challenge game meant to be played by multiple players simultaneously, which Sony will be releasing for PlayStation Plus subscribers to download free of charge on the 4th of July. See the video trailer for That’s You! below to get a better idea of how the PlayLink system will function in a real-world setting.

Another game, dubbed Hidden Agenda, is also forthcoming and a trailer for that mystery, card-style game can be viewed below as well. Worth noting is that both of these upcoming titles take full advantage of multiplayer interfaces, allowing everyone in the room with a compatible iPhone or Android device to connect via the companion app to join in on the fun.

Hidden Agenda, along with other new PlayLink titles that Sony announced on Tuesday — including Knowledge is Power, Frantics, and SingStar Celebration — will also be released on the platform later this year.

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