Somehow This Ultra-Slim Anker Fast Wireless Charger Just Got Even Cheaper

Anker Pad Credit: Anker / Amazon
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Anker’s wireless chargers are renowned in the Apple community and for good reason – they’re produced with the highest quality standards, almost always work even better than expected and are available at budget-friendly prices. While today is no different, Anker’s usual deal just got even sweeter.

For a limited time, you can pick up this 10W Anker fast wireless charging pad for less than $20 after clipping Amazon’s 20% coupon and taking advantage of the sale. That’s an incredible deal that knocks about $7 off of the charger’s full retail price (which was already a steal to begin with).

  • This charger features a minimalist non-slip rubberized design that’s powerful enough to charge through some of the thickest iPhone cases.
  • It also features overcharge protection, radiation shielding, foreign object detection and more for total peace of mind.
  • In the box you’ll get the 10W Anker Fast Wireless Charger, a 3 ft microUSB cable and a generous 18-month warranty.

While iPhones are currently limited to 7.5W fast wireless charging, opting for a 10W model like this one will help future-proof your purchase just in case Apple bumps up the charging rate limit in a future iOS update.

It’s important to note that this wireless fast charging pad doesn’t include a Quick Charge 3.0 power adapter. However, factoring in the cost to buy Anker’s adapter, you can take home this entire fast charging setup for only $33.19 with free shipping.

Compare that to Anker’s (also excellent) PowerWave 7.5 Fast Charging Stand, which comes with the Quick Charge 3.0 adapter, but retails for nearly $50. So if you’re looking to get into wireless charging at an affordable price, you’ll want to take advantage of this deal.

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