Some Buyers Are Returning Their New iMacs Because They’re Crooked

New iMac at Apple Store Credit: Abolukbas / Shutterstock
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Some people are returning their iMacs after realizing that their computer’s mountings are crooked for no apparent reason.

Although this problem doesn’t seem to affect most new iMacs, some people have started to notice that their new Macs have a manufacturing defect that makes the iMac’s display slightly tilted.

Over the weekend, YouTuber iPhonedo shared a video showing that his iMac was slightly crooked by a few millimeters.

After watching this video, shown below, some Reddit users measured their iMacs and realize that theirs were crooked too, but it wasn’t tilted enough to notice it without measuring it first.

Another iMac user shared the same issue in the Apple Support Communities, where they showed that their iMac was crooked by just one millimeter.

Despite this alarming issue, it seems like the problem isn’t big enough to notice unless you measure it yourself. Moreover, it doesn’t seem to be a problem that affects every new iMac user.

If you bought a new iMac recently, it would be best if you measure it to determine if yours is crooked or not. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to fix this problem yourself, but you can still contact Apple Support for a possible replacement device.

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