Slick New Apple Watch Nike+ Edition Announced Along with Revamped, Lower Priced Apple Watch Series 1

Slick New Apple Watch Nike+ Edition Announced Along with Revamped, Lower Priced Apple Watch Series 1
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In addition to a significantly revamped Watch Series 2, Apple (and Nike) on Wednesday morning unveiled an exclusive Apple Watch Nike+ edition — yet another byproduct of the tech and exercise-giant’s long and well-received partnership, under the terms of which they’ve collaborated on many products, incorporating elements of Apple’s world-leading technology, with Nike’s penchant for creating high-quality exercise-related products.

The $369 Apple Watch Nike+ edition, which was specifically crafted with avid runners in mind, will feature the same conceptual design as the standard Apple Watch Series 2; however, in lieu of the myriad of casing options available with the standard Watch Series 2, the Nike+ edition will come with an exclusive, light-weight aluminum chassis.

In addition, the Nike+ edition’s band will be offered in a total of four, unique colors; while its exclusive, swiss-cheese style, perforated band is touted by Nike as being both lightweight, stretchy, airy, and comfortable to wear at all times.

A slew of exclusive Nike+ features will also be on board, in addition to Apple’s proprietary watchOS 3. These features include, among others, a dedicated running mode — which will display the various statistics pertinent to your run; an enhanced Siri experience that will allow you to interact with the device, even when you’re gliding along the grain and out of breath; as well as customized motivational phrases to help you stay on track to meet your personal running goals.


Last but not least, Nike will be launching its own social media-style interface exclusively for the Apple Watch Nike+ (kind of..) Dubbed the “Sunday Running Club,” this experience will allow Apple Watch Nike+ users to interact with other users to find out about local running and outdoor fitness events taking place in their area.

In other words, Sunday Running Club will basically be like a Twitter, exclusive to fitness-minded Nike+ Watch owners.

Aside from all that, the Apple Watch Nike+ edition’s internals will be identical to those of the Apple Watch Series 2. The device will be offered at the same $369 price as the Watch Series 2, and it will be available some time later on this October, according to Apple.

In addition, the Cupertino-company also announced on Wednesday that a modestly revamped Apple Watch Series 1 (the original Apple Watch) will soon be available featuring the same ‘S2’, dual-core CPU as the Series 2 Watch, in order to achieve greater app performance. Notably missing from the device, of course, would be the new uber-bright display and GPS tracking abilities of the Apple Watch Series 2 — however, as an entry-level offering, the revamped Apple Watch Series 1 will be offered at a considerably more modest price of just $269.

Are you going to pick up any of the new Apple Watch models this year? Let us know in the comments!

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