Should You Upgrade Your Mac to macOS Sierra? The Answer Is No, Here’s Why

Should You Upgrade Your Mac to macOS Sierra? The Answer Is No, Here's Why
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Our society’s ideology of “newer is better” has been proven iniquitous time and time again (remember Jaws 2?). The phrase “newer is better” is simply untrue, and Apple’s most recent release of macOS Sierra is a fine example of this, and a sly reminder that we took OS X El Capitan for granted.

I’m currently a power user of two MacBooks including a MacBook Air and a brand new gold MacBook (12”). They are my babies, metaphorically, and I take care of them with pride. Both machines are running the latest version of OS X El Capitan – and if I could give the operating system a two-word review it would read “pleasantly stable.” The latest version of OS X El Capitan bares not a single bug, the performance is fantastic, and the battery life is stellar. It’s the perfect operating system for my favorite laptops.

I hate to be cliché (to be honest I love it), but another old idiom comes to mind regarding OS X, and that saying goes “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” This is exactly where I stand, as I’m using two very capable machines running efficiently and specifically how they were intended to.

So why would I take a chance downloading a new system that could potentially throw that pleasant stability away? Well, I wouldn’t. New systems come with new problems. Anecdotally, I’ve seen many reports of frozen screens, crashing apps, and the infamous spinning color-wheel of death that we all love to hate.


Sure macOS Sierra comes preinstalled with Siri, which will be a fantastic resource for many. However, to be frank, I don’t and will most likely never desire to talk to my computer. It feels…unnatural…and in a world where peace and quiet is a rare commodity, yelling commands at my MacBook when I could simply click or type them sounds counterintuitive.

MacOS Sierra has other features and benefits (liked tabbed apps) which are tempting, for sure. However, when I weigh the pros and risks, updating isn’t worth the hassle (right now, anyway).

Newer isn’t always better; new systems often come with complications. OS X El Capitan is a fantastic operating system that doesn’t shock or scare, it just works; which is why the macOS Sierra download and install will have to wait.

What macOS Sierra feature is most tempting?
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