Shot on iPhone 6 – Share Your Best Image!

Shot on iPhone 6 - Share Your Best Image!

The iPhone 6 is capable of producing breathtaking photos. When we think about the photos we’ve taken with our iPhone 6 cameras, most of us can remember one specific picture that truly stands out from the rest. We all have that one photo we’ve taken with our iPhone that just looks astonishing. That’s what makes Apple’s “Shot on iPhone 6 campaign” so great. Not only is it pleasurable to browse through stunning photography, but to know that it was shot using only an iPhone makes it all the more special.

 Here our some of our favorite photos from the “Shot on iPhone 6” campaign.
All photos are sourced from Apple.

iDrop News would like to feature your best photography! If you would like to share your best shot, please upload it using the form below. If it ranks within our top ten, we will feature you on the site!

1. Title: Include Your Name and Twitter Handle
2. Post Content: What do you call this image? Where was this photo taken? What was your secret to taking such a stunning photo?
3. Choose your best image and tap Submit!
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