Send Spending Money to Your Kid’s Apple Watch with ‘Apple Cash Family’

Apple Cash Family Credit: Apple
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Apple this week unveiled two new Apple Watches, including the affordable Apple Watch SE. At this price point, Apple knows that parents may scoop up an Apple Watch instead of an iPhone for their kids. To help make it easier for parents, Apple unveiled Family Setup, which lets parents manage a child’s Watch. The company also quietly released Apple Cash Family, a new feature that’ll allow parents to send spending money to their kids.

Family Setup

With the Apple Watch SE now in the lineup, the Apple Watch is more affordable than ever. It’s now an attractive option for parents who want to communicate with their kids but aren’t ready to give them a phone.

Family Setup is key to using the Apple Watch in a family setting. Most importantly, Family Setup lets kids use an Apple Watch without the need for an iPhone. Parents can set up and configure their child’s Apple Watch using only the parental phone.

Once configured, kids can use the Watch to send and receive messages and emails, create a Memoji, and more. The parental features in Family Setup let parents approve contacts so their kids can communicate safely with trusted friends and family members.

Apple Cash Family

Kids with an Apple Watch are going to want to use the device to make purchases. This is where the new Apple Cash Family steps in. Apple Cash Family lets parents send money to their kids, who then can use Apple Pay on their Watch to make purchases.

More than just a dollop of cash, Apple Cash Family is a management tool. It alerts parents when their child makes a purchase. Parents then can view their children’s purchases in Apple Wallet on their iPhone. Parents can keep tabs on their kid’s spending and help them make wise choices with their money.

Pricing and Availability

The Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 6 go on sale starting September 18th. The two new watches will be available online from Apple, Best Buy, and other retailers. It also will be available in select retail stores. Wireless carriers, like Verizon, also will be carrying cellular models of the Apple Watch. Pricing for the Apple Watch SE starts at $279, while the Apple Watch Series 6 starts at $399.


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