Security Cam Catches Delivery Man Chuck Brand New iPhone XS Max onto Owner’s Doorstep

Delivery Man Chucks Iphone Xs Max Credit: Reddit / 3pintsplease
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Delivery people are likely the unsung heroes of our online shopping economy. But that doesn’t mean all delivery people are heroes.

Case in point: the video shown below, posted to the People Being Jerks Reddit by user 3pintsplease.

Once you know the contents of the box, it’s really hard not to cringe when you see how this particular package is casually thrown onto the doorstep.

That’s because there was, in fact, an iPhone XS Max in the box. It isn’t clear what specification the device was, but no matter which specific model, it’s at least $1,099 worth of electronics being thrown to the ground somewhat carelessly.

The original poster wasn’t at home at the time of the incident, meaning they weren’t able to inspect the iPhone once it was delivered.

That became a source of annoyance for the Redditor, since they attempted to leave feedback on UPS’ site. The UPS site requires users to indicate whether or not a delivered item or broken or damaged — there’s no option to simply leave feedback on the quality of the driver.

Luckily, a friend who was house-sitting for the user later opened the package and inspected the device. It appeared to work completely fine.

Of course, as several Redditors noted in the comments, this probably isn’t anything compared to the abuse that packages regularly receive on their way to you. The shipping industry isn’t always all that kind to the packages that come through their facilities.

And iPhones themselves are fairly durable devices — at least for a product that’s encased mostly in glass. They may not survive multiple drops onto concrete, but when they’re in their original packaging, they’re much more likely to survive tumbles like this.

While your iPhone may get to you unscathed, the video illustrates exactly why you should keep these shipping tips in mind when you’re having expensive products delivered.

  • Visually inspect the device packaging when you get it. Look for any signs of damage to the original box.
  • Power on your device. You should check to see if it’s functioning as soon as possible.
  • Consider ordering iPhones, Macs and other products directly from Apple. Apple shipments require signatures, so packages won’t just get tossed onto your doorstep.
  • Package mistreatment is also a pretty good reason to invest in a door security camera. You’ll have video proof of any wrongdoing. Here are three good options.
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