Say Goodbye to the Third Generation Apple TV

Say Goodbye to the Third Generation Apple TV
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There was a glaring absence of the Apple TV at Apple’s event in San Francisco this past week. Amid the unveiling of the iPhone 7 and the Apple Watch 2, nothing additional was mentioned in regards to the Apple TV. And now, it seems Apple is clearing the shelves of the older, outdated Apple TV devices.

According to a number of sources, soon after the September event, Apple began withdrawing the third generation Apple TV from its stores and online site. Multiple sources noted that the device was removed from tech company’s TV website page as well as the Apple retail stores. Additionally, Apple stores were told to ship any remaining third-generation Apple TV inventory back. According to 9to5Mac, this suggests that Apple “wants to discount the product in order to liquidate the remaining stock.”

All of this makes a lot of sense. The third-generation Apple TV first appeared in 2012, and got some minor spec upgrades since then. But it was far surpassed by the fourth-generation model, which came with TV apps, games, Siri integration, and more.

However, the device will still be available for purchase through other venues. As of now, other retail outlets have not received any information regarding the third generation Apple TVs. AppleInsider noted that big names Target and Best Buy had yet to hear from Apple as to whether the device should be pulled or prices should be dropped. So as far as these stores are concerned, the third generation Apple TV will still be available.

Even though Apple is quietly removing these models, they are also implementing new changes for Apple TV. Just after the event this month, Apple pushed tvOS 10 GM to developers (which can be downloaded from the Software Update section on the Apple TV or through Apple’s developer center). New advancements to the OS include things like Dark Mode, HomeKit, Single Sign-on, and YouTube. Previous beta versions also saw updates like a new Apple Music UI, Siri language support, and more.

Are you disappointed to see the final nail in Apple’s low-priced Apple TV?
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