Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Leaked, Looks an Awful Lot Like Apple’s iPhone 6

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Leaked, Looks an Awful Lot Like Apple’s iPhone 6
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According to an exclusive CNET video presentation, backed up by crystal clear images provided by VentureBeat, Samsung’s forthcoming flagships — the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge — look near about identical to their predecessors. The only difference between the two, as far as they eye can see, are a few nominal changes such as the S7’s larger screen real estate.

Why is this revelation significant? Well, for starters, the Samsung Galaxy S6 went down in the history books as an amazingly crafted piece of technological eye candy. And although the device’s form factor and design aesthetics remain relatively unchanged this year, there’s no doubt that the Galaxy S6 looked A LOT like the iPhone 6, too — which apparently will be the case this year as well.

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Another reason the designs are so symbolic, at least among the tech community, is that the forthcoming Galaxy 7 (and possibly even the S7 Edge) will reportedly boast a number of features that both Apple and Android fans have been hooting and hollering about for a while now — bigger screens, more memory, bigger batteries, and … wait for it … a microSD card slot!!


Also, as the rumor mill has it, Samsung is reportedly working on a very similar pressure sensitive touch technology (a la 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s/6s Plus) that will debut as one of the key features of the S7 line.

Of course, there’s still a considerable amount of information and technical details and such that we’re waiting on from Samsung — in regards to the latest and greatest S7 flagships. However, according to CNET’s latest “Googlicious” report from Brian Tong, it’s evident we won’t have to wait much longer for the wraps to come off.

Samsung has planned it’s annual “Unpacked” event, where the company will spill the entire jar of beans about the S7 flagships on February 21st — one day prior to the advent of Mobile World Congress 2016.

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