Samsung’s Developing a Budget Galaxy S10 to Take on iPhone XR

Samsung Galaxy S10 Credit: Miror Pro / YouTube
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Among the latest rumors surrounding Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S10 is that it might feature a next-generation sound-emitting OLED display in lieu of a traditional front-facing earpiece. And, at least one Galaxy S10 variant, according to other rumors, could feature the industry’s first five-lens camera system.

Now, citing supply-chain sources, Bloomberg news is reporting that (much like Apple) Samsung is working on three iterations of its upcoming Galaxy S10 smartphone, including an ultra high-end variant akin to Apple’s iPhone XS Max, as well as a “low-cost one” to mimic Apple’s strategy with the iPhone XR.

Bloomberg, citing one source, noted that the standard Galaxy S10 will, much like the S9, feature a curved, edge-to-edge OLED display clocking in somewhere around the same 5.8-inches, complete with a triple-lens camera system around back and a display-embedded front-facing selfie camera. 

Samsung is also rumored to employ Qualcomm’s display-embedded fingerprint sensor technology, which will replace the traditional hardware fingerprint readers with a thin film scanner stuffed directly underneath the OLED display.

Cutting Corners?

Samsung’s low-cost Galaxy S10 is rumored to be in many ways like the standard model — boasting the same internal components and overall form-factor. But, it will reportedly ditch the curved OLED display in favor of a traditional panel, while more than likely cutting-out certain premium features like the next-gen fingerprint tech, advanced cameras and more just to keep built costs in check.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite
Waqar Khan / Twitter

Samsung is likewise expected to introduce a top-tier “Galaxy 10 Plus” variant to round out the trio boasting all the high-end and features like a massive 6.5-inch+ sound-emitting display, five-lens camera and more.

Monkey See, Money Do?

Bloomberg’s sources further noted that Samsung is talking with Verizon Wireless about the feasibility of launching its Galaxy S10 as the first exclusive 5G device in the U.S. However it’s unclear if Big Red’s network will logistically be ready in time for the handset’s expected March or April 2019 launch.

Regardless, if Bloomberg’s sources are accurate and Samsung does move ahead with unveiling a trio of Galaxy S10 devices, the move would blatantly mimic Apple’s with its 2018 iPhone lineup.

Namely, the low cost Galaxy S10, if Samsung is lucky, would appeal to more cost-conscious consumers, much like Apple’s iPhone XR has already. 

The $749 iPhone XR boasts many of the same features as the $999+ iPhone XS and XS Max — but, it’s $250+ cheaper since it uses a slightly less-advanced Liquid Retina display (LRD) as opposed to OLED, has 3 GB of RAM as opposed to 4 GB, and features one rear camera lens instead of two.

Unclear at this point is how much the Galaxy S10 devices will retail for when they launch. But, if Samsung follows Apple’s strategy we can presume until further notice that the low-cost model will fetch a few hundred bucks less than its premium counterparts.

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