Research Explains Why Consumers Are Avoiding iPhone X

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When Apple unveiled the iPhone X last year, it was on a clear mission to present the world with the smartphone of the future – albeit at a hefty price tag.

Although the phone received widespread acclaim from tech pundits and diehard Apple fans, that’s not to say that it’s been a huge success across the board.

In fact, many consumers don’t actually think the phone is that revolutionary. There are people who feel that the phone is actually an expensive gimmick.

Technology blog CNET has published a few reports suggesting increasing customer dissatisfaction with the phone. In December, it spoke to a T-Mobile salesman about the topic.

He argued that while the iPhone X is a decent phone, it’s not the best out there – and hardly any customers are buying it. “You’ve got wireless charging, faster processor and you’ve got the glass back. But it’s pretty much the same phone as the one you’ve got,” said sales rep.

The Research

But now, recently published research from analyst Michael Olson – who works at investment bank Piper Jaffray – shows more evidence that customers are avoiding the iPhone X.

He quizzed 1,500 iphone owners about the handset. According to the survey, 44 percent said they’re happy with the phones they currently own and haven’t been won over by the the expensive handset.

Meanwhile, 31 percent of respondents said the phone is just too expensive to warrant an upgrade – with prices ranging from $999 to $1,149.

A minority of study participants (8 percent) said they’d rather have a phone with a bigger screen. While the iPhone 8 Plus has a smaller display (5.5-inches compared to 5.8-inches), the whole phone is actually larger than the X. Still, it’s an interesting reason as to why people are avoiding the X, and it’s widely rumoured that Apple is working on a larger version to make these users happy.

CNET also spoke to a Target customer support representative in Florida, who has noticed a lack of interest from consumers in the iPhone X.

“I hardly ever get people in here who want a new phone. I have to really work to get them to buy something new,” said the salesman.

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