Remote for New Apple TV to Include Touchpad


Apple TV and Remote Concept Art

 The remote for the Apple TV has remained (mostly) unchanged since its release eight years ago. When the newly redesigned Apple TV launches later this year, it will include a new remote with it. According to a report by the New York Times, the new remote will feature a touch pad to navigate through the Apple TV’s OS.


Google TV Remote Compared to Apple TV Remote

 Apple has always emphasized simplicity and ease of use in their products – remote controls included. A course in Apple’s employee training program featured a comparison between the current Apple TV remote, with 3 buttons, to the humongous Google TV remote that contains 78 buttons. The revamped remote will keep in line with that simplicity, featuring two buttons and a touch pad for ease of navigation. The new remote will be a bit thicker than the previous model, reportedly comparable to the remote for the Amazon Echo wireless speaker in size.



Apple TV Concept Art

 The new Apple TV is expected to debut in June during the annual Worldwide Developers Conference. The redesigned set top box is expected to have its own app store, along with Siri and HomeKit support. Alongside the launch of the new Apple TV, Apple’s highly-anticipated subscription-based internet TV service may also make an appearance at the WWDC. Featuring a slimmed-down list of popular channels including ABC, CBS, and Fox, the $30-40 per month service is exciting news for those looking to “cut the cord” from overpriced cable services.



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