Relive 5 of Apple’s Best (and Most Memorable) Ad Campaigns

Ipod Silouhette Ads Credit: MBA Knowledge Base
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It’s not just products — Apple is also innovative when it comes to marketing. Its marketing campaigns, combined with stellar products, have helped the company evolve from a computer manufacturer into a lifestyle brand. Seeing an Apple logo anywhere instantly stirs up thoughts of simplistic design, superb functionality, and innovation.

Continue reading to relive and learn more about five of Apple’s most memorable campaigns that helped the company achieve its dominance in the tech world.

iPod Silhouettes

Who can forget the infamous silhouette iPod commercials? Their catchy tunes and dancing figures made everyone want to jam out with an iPod. They were bright, fun, and a great way to showcase the freedom of Apple’s mp3 device. Apple used them in videos, print, and on billboards — they’re attributed to boosting the sales of Apple’s iPod as well as iTunes.

These silhouettes were much more entertaining than the original iPod commercial. It wasn’t until September 2003 that the silhouette ads started appearing in the mainstream media.

Shot on iPhone

The “Shot on an iPhone” campaign started in 2015. It displayed striking images captured on an iPhone 6. The ad series had such an impact that it won the “Grand Prix” prize in the outdoor category at the Cannes Lions advertising festival in 2015.

The ad series is successful because it humanizes the brand. The photos are from actual customers and iPhone owners, not from a professional photographer — it makes the ads much more relatable. It also builds a sense of community. After all, who wouldn’t want their own photo to appear on an Apple billboard for everyone to see?

It’s also a free way to market their product. Apple sources photos from their users instead of hiring a design firm to create a new trendy advertisement. It’s a win-win for Apple as well as up-and-coming photograraphers.

There’s An App For That

It’s hard to imagine that apps weren’t always at our disposal, let alone an App Store to find the latest and greatest games, utilities, and productivity apps from leading companies. But at one point in time, apps were fairly new to the smartphone world.

To introduce and familiarize consumers with apps and the App Store, Apple debuted a campaign called “There’s An App For That” in 2009. It showcased the versatility of apps on the iPhone 3G model. The phrase went viral — so much so that Apple decided to trademark it.

Think different

Apple’s “Think Different” campaign used pictures of influential visionaries like Jim Henson, Amelia Earhart, and Pablo Picasso to show that challenging what was possible created some of the best music, art, inventions, and experiences. This was not unlike what Apple was doing with the world of personal computers.

The campaign ran on TV in 1997. It was narrated by actor Richard Dreyfuss, who spoke about the “crazy ones.” The campaign was also supplemented by a series of printed ads and posters.

Jobs stated that “you always had to be a little different to buy an Apple computer.”

Mac Versus PC

When you are purchasing a laptop, the first decision you have to make is if you want to go with a Mac or a PC. Both of them have their perks. Mac wanted to show off its benefits in a fun series of ads that launched in 2006, starring Justin Long and John Hodgman.

The “Get a Mac” campaign (also known as “Mac Versus PC”) showcased Long as a casual and cool Mac, whereas Hodgman was a stuffy outdated PC. Each ad would emphasize one area where Macs were better than PCs: virus protection, operating software, and features. It was Jobs’ way of taking a hard stance against the competition in the industry.

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