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Quiz! Can You Correctly Guess Which Apple Products Were More Expensive?

Quiz! Can You Correctly Guess Which Apple Products Were More Expensive?
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Can you believe the very first iPod, which could only hold 1000 songs (and could’t do much else) retailed for about $400? For comparison,  you can purchase the newest iPod touch with Wi-Fi, a touch screen, an 8 megapixel camera, and 16 GB of memory, for only $200. Technology is continuously evolving and changing, much like their value.

Take a trip down memory lane! Can you remember what these items retailed for when they were first released? If you can’t remember, try and guess!

See if you can determine which Apple product was MORE expensive when it was first released! You might be surprised.

Correct answers will be highlighted in green, while incorrect answers will be highlighted in red.

How did you do? Are an old-school Apple aficionado who scored 100%? Or are you new to the Apple ecosystem and learning more about Apple as time goes on? Let us know in the comments below!

Apple Product Price Guide

The Original iPhone $599
iPhone 6 Plus $799
iPhone 5 $599
iPhone 6 $649
1998 iMac G3 $1299
1999 iBook $1599
2015 MacBook Air $999
2015 MacBook Pro $1299
The Apple Watch $349
Original Apple iPad $499
Current Apple TV $69
 Original iPod Shuffle $99
original ipod nano $199
current iPod nano $149
Original iPod shuffle $99
current iPod shuffle $49
Original iPad $499
iPad Air 2 $499
iMac with 5K Retina Display $1999
Current Mac Pro $2999

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