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Best VPNs for iPhone Credit: VPN Unlimited

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Ever since Congress and the White House mutually agreed to allow Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to sell consumer data — specifically, browsing history and app usage — your right to online privacy was stamped with an expiration date. From the information you think is innocuous, like the time you spend on Facebook, to more sensitive information (we’re talking addresses, social security numbers and financial data), the whole concept of anonymity online is under attack. And this time, it’s not just malicious hackers seeking a lucrative payday with your private information — it’s the government, corporations and other for-profit organizations seeking to use your data to turn a dollar.

So what’s the solution? It’s simple: invest in a VPN. iPhone users should already be using a VPN — but if you haven’t hopped on the bandwagon yet, now’s the time to board. Here are the three main benefits of using a VPN:

1. Bypass Censorship and Geo-restricted Content

The Internet’s not as open as we think — usually, the content we see is limited based on our location. Whether you want to access banned articles for research or just catch your favorite shows on Netflix while you’re abroad, VPNs mask your location, making it possible for you to get a wide open Internet experience.

2. Security and Privacy

Your information is your own — keep it that way with a VPN. From protecting credit card information to the location of where your kid goes to school, VPNs prevent data mining so that you can browse the web anonymously. Plus, your location is essentially untraceable thanks to IP cloaking.  Do note that your VPN service itself will have access to your data, so make sure to invest in a VPN that’s highly regarded and trusted like VPN Unlimited.

3. Protection over Public Networks

We all use public Wi-Fi networks, but they’re by no means secure. It’s easy for savvy hackers to eavesdrop on your activity and glean what information they can from you. Public Wi-Fi offers zero encryption, but a VPN encrypts all the data you send out and take in — even if you’re using an open network. So if you find yourself constantly traveling, or are an avid coffee shop worker, a VPN is a wise investment to make.

Right now you can get an amazing price on a lifetime subscription of VPN Unlimited, a robust VPN with a 5 star rating in the App Store. This industry-leading VPN employs over 1,000 servers in over 70 countries to block government spies, aggressive advertisers and malicious hackers alike. Using an effective combination of high encryption and IP cloaking, you can prevent data mining and block ads, trackers and malware, all at once.

Even better, you can use VPN Unlimited across five devices simultaneously, with unlimited bandwidth — and unlike other VPNs on the market, VPN Unlimited doesn’t take a log of your traffic. Protect your right to online privacy: get a lifetime subscription of VPN Unlimited for $49. That’s 90% off the usual price of $525.

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