PlayStation 5 Shortage Coming to an End? Sony Will Soon Produce Over 14 Million PS5s

Sony PlayStation 5 PS5 Credit: Hopix Art / Shutterstock
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Sony’s PS5 launch was, for the lack of a better word, mayhem. There was a PS5 shortage immediately, scalpers were (and still are) selling consoles at ridiculous prices, and scams are the order of the day.

Some people went as far as selling actual pictures of PS5s on eBay. The worst part, people actually bought them because they didn’t read the product descriptions.

Neither Sony nor any of us were ready for how the PS5 launch would turn out. Fortunately, it seems like the PS5 shortage is soon to be over.

Sony is getting ready to make millions of PS5 consoles for this year.

Sony wasn’t able to manufacture more PS5s because of the ongoing chip shortage due to the pandemic. However, during Sony’s earnings report this past Wednesday, Hiroki Totoki, Sony’s Chief Financial Officer, confirmed that the company secured enough chips to hit its production goal for 2021.

How much is that goal, you ask? Well, Sony says it has enough chips to manufacture 14.8 million PS5 consoles this year.

Sony also confirmed that it had sold 10 million PS5 consoles since it launched on November 12, 2020. Not only that, but during its earnings report, Sony shared that it also made a profit of 280.1 billion yen, which is around $2.57 billion.

This surpassed the company’s expectations since Sony only expected a profit of 207.96 billion yen, or $1.89 billion.

Currently, the PS5’s official price is $399 for the digital edition and $499 for the standard edition. However, due to the shortage, many resellers have tried to sell the console for over $1,000.

Sony didn’t confirm when the new batch of PS5 consoles will be available, but this will hopefully reduce the extraordinarily high demand and even higher prices.

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