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People Are Discovering Mysterious Coins Nestled Inside of Their MacBooks

People Are Discovering Coins Inside of Their MacBooks and It's a Huge Mystery
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MacBook owners across the globe have reported making strange discoveries upon opening up the bottom plate of their laptops– coins, usually nestled beneath the plastic covers of their SuperDrives.

This is far from an isolated incident. According to Gizmodo, MacBook owners have been finding coins, ranging from pennies to quarters, inside their laptops as far back as 2010. One person claims in a MacRumors post to have found a Canadian quarter wedged inside of the MacBook he bought from a Montreal Apple Store back in 2011. MacBook owner Greg Kilpatrick also made a similar find back in 2011, which he showed in a YouTube video, though this time it was a US quarter.

A clear explanation for this strange and curious phenomenon has yet to emerge. Some speculate that the coins may be products of Apple’s generosity, a whimsical Easter Egg hidden for a lucky few, or perhaps a meager rebate for the hefty premium that MacBook buyers have to pay for their high-end laptops. More conspiratorially minded users have conjectured that dark magics are afoot. It’s also possible that Chinese assembly line workers have placed them there accidentally, as one redditor suggests, though that wouldn’t explain why the coins are American or Canadian.

One reasonable, if somewhat disappointingly mundane, explanation is that the coins have been pushed inside the laptop through the optical drive by children or by accident. One Gizmodo commenter and former Genius Bar tech wrote “We’d find stuff like this all the time. 90% of the time, it was the result of kids shoving things in the Optical Drive. We’d find coins, paperclips, SD cards, you name it. If it was slim enough to fit in the slot, we’d find it in there.”

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