Parenting WIN: 10yo Girl Signs This Contract to Earn Her Own iPhone

Girl Signs Conract For Iphone Credit: Twitter
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Apple’s iPhone is a powerful, capable and pretty-much indispensable tool for carrying out everyday tasks. Almost everyone wants one (and they’re willing to do some interesting things to get it). Take this 10-year-old named Yasmine Saiful, for instance.

According to media reports, Saiful wanted an iPhone so badly, that on December 8, 2017 she was presented with and asked to sign an agreement with her parents dubbed the “One Year Renewable Phone Loan” — which would grant her the iPhone she wanted, if adhered to in its full binding capacity.

Young Yasmine was asked to read the contract before signing, at whence her older sister, Farha, shared the precious exchange with her followers on Twitter.

Farha went on to explain that Yasmine is typically required to save-up her own money from doing chores to pay for anything that she wants. But her parents, in crafting the agreement, were interested to see if their list of “terms and conditions” were feasible for the 10-year-old. And, of course, to reward her for being a great kid.

10 Year Old Girl Gets An Iphone After Signing Contract 2

The Terms

According to Farha’s Twitter post, the 12 terms and conditions that Yasmine must adhere to include: 

  • Perform morning prayers.
  • Charge the phone only until it is full and unplug it immediately after.
  • Never let the phone battery die, as this may reduce the battery’s performance.
  • Never use mum and dad’s phone.
  • Never bring it to the toilet.
  • Never bring it to school.
  • Never use it at the dining table.
  • Ask for permission before downloading any application.
  • I am responsible for any data usage. I will not ask for any additions if I’ve used up my internet quota unless it is gifted to me.
  • Read the Quran every day or minimum six times a week.
  • Never call friends when I’m out with family.
  • Never skip tuition.
10 Year Old Girl Gets An Iphone After Signing Contract 1

“The contract was drafted twice and was advised by three people to ensure that the terms were reasonable,” Farha explained. “I would also like to add that she usually has to save to get anything she wants such as books and stationery.” 

10 Year Old Girl Gets An Iphone After Signing Contract 3

“She saved up for two-years to buy herself a Nintendo Switch and got the money from mopping, vacuuming and helping with daily laundry,” she continued, reminding her followers that “Parenting is done differently with every parent, so I hope you can be open about it.”

Unfortunately, we don’t know if Yasmine was able to live up to her end of the agreement or not. There was, of course, the remote possibility that she could violate even just one of the 12 terms, upon which her father, Saiful Bahar Mahfuhz, indicated he would take it back in a heartbeat.

10 Year Old Girl Gets An Iphone After Signing Contract
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