Pangu Releases English Version of iOS 9 Jailbreaking Tool

Pangu Releases English Version of iOS 9 Jailbreaking Tool
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The Pangu team has finally gotten around to releasing an English version of its iOS 9.2 through 9.3.3 jailbreaking tool.

The software can run on Mac, Windows and Linux, but only supports 64-bit devices. It can jailbreak any device running iOS 9.2 through 9.3.3, according to iDownloadBlog.

The jailbreaking tool was originally launched last weekend, but only in Chinese.

It’s recommended that users update to 9.3.3, however, because it’s the latest firmware that’s able to be jailbroken — and features Apple’s latest fixes and improvements.

Pangu’s jailbreak relies on Apple certificates to install Cydia — the jailbroken version of the App Store — on an iOS device. These certificates eventually expire. If you have a developer account with Apple, it takes a year before they have to be renewed.

But with a regular Apple ID, you’ll need to update these certificates every seven days by going through the jailbreaking process again, iDownloadBlog reported.

Additionally, this newest jailbreaking software is “semi-tethered” rather than “untethered,” according to Forbes.

What this means is that, unlike untethered jailbreaks, you’ll need to re-jailbreak your phone every time the device restarts or is switched off. Thankfully, this can be done from an app on your phone, and doesn’t require you to hook up the device to a computer.

The list of jailbreakable devices include the iPod Touch 6G, the iPad Mini 2, the iPad Pro, and all iPhones versions newer than the 5s.

Devices that are 32-bit, like the iPhone 4s, the iPhone 5 and 5c, are not supported. Currently, it’s not known if Pangu will add 32-bit support in the near future.

Jailbreaking is the process of adding third-party software and themes to Apple’s devices — something that the company frowns upon. But it allows you to customize your phone in ways that you simply couldn’t with a vanilla iOS.

Pang’s jailbreaking tool is currently available as a free download.

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