Overlooked Apple Co-founder Lists 14,000 Acre, $37.5 Million California Ranch for Sale

Rana Creek Ranch for Sale Credit: Hall and Hall
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Apple’s least-known co-founder is selling his massive California ranch for $37.5 million, which, believe it or not, is an enormous discount from the home’s previous listing price of $59.95 million back in 2013.

The compound is formally known as Rana Creek Ranch and is the largest landholding in Central California’s Carmel Valley, according to the listing agency, Hall and Hall.

More than just 14,000 acres of land, you’ll receive quite the bundle for your 37 million dollars, including seven homes, a helipad, a private lake, two barns, a 2,900-foot airstrip, offices, staff housing, a horse-riding arena and more. See photos below.

The co-founder, Mike Markkula, was Apple’s second CEO and third employee, who Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak accredited with being a pivotal force in making Apple a success with his $250,000 initial investment, which earned him a third of the company.

The ranch’s main home is over 5,000 square feet and interestingly only features one bedroom. However, friends and family of Markkula could sleep in the separate two-bedroom guest wing (which is connected via a covered walkway), or one of the other five homes on the ranch.

Markkula purchased the ranch back in 1982 for $8 million, which, adjusted for inflation, equals roughly $21.2 million in 2020. The ranch is said to be perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors, riding horses, ATVing, or hunting and sits just 85 miles south of Silicon Valley.

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