Over 70 New and Hilarious Emojis Coming Later This June

Over 70 New and Hilarious Emojis Coming Later This June
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Emojis — those colorful, quirky, and expressive little text icons — have become somewhat of a phenomenon in the mobile space; not to mention, adding them to or in place of certain text messaging or communications correspondence is pretty fun, often resulting in a good laugh, at the least.

And while the last few releases of iOS have featured a slew of new emojis baked in, there’s really no limit to the number of possibilities that exist for expressing ourselves in emoji form, right?

That said, we have some pretty good news today for all you emoji lovers out there. It appears that the Unicode Consortium, who’s largely responsible for creating and publishing all the emojis we know and love, on Thursday published an additional 72 emojis for 2016 — which are slated to see their debut in Unicode 9.0.

Some of the forthcoming emoji characters are actually some of the most frequently asked for, and, not to mention, intrinsically hilarious, according to teaser images obtained from the Emojipedia developers, themselves. Soon enough, we’re likely to see of these crazy new critters — including the good-old “Facepalm,” “Pregnant Woman,” “Man in Tuxedo,” and even the “Selfie,” among a slew of others from almost every category.

iDrop_EmojiUnicode9_01New Emoji Concept Images via Emojipedia

Of course, as a world leader in hardware/software development, Apple will more than likely — as is traditionally the case — be one of the first tech companies to implement the new characters in a soon-to-come software release.

And with Unicode expected to finalize and publish its new 2016 set of emojis by June 21st, we’re willing to hedge our bets that they’ll be coming much sooner, rather than later.

If for whatever reason you just can’t wait to see what’s in store, though, feel free to check out the awesome video below, courtesy of Emojipedia, which shows you, one by one, what Unicode will be bringing to the table this year.

Also, if you’re interested, you can check out the Unicode Consortium’s version 9.0 release notes here, which detail the scope of additional modifications and surprises looming just over the imminent horizon.

What do you think about these new Emojis? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Photo Copyright: Prykhodov
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