Only One iPhone 7 Design Change Revealed in Accessory Leak

Only One iPhone 7 Design Change Revealed in Accessory Leak
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According to these recently leaked images, one of the world’s leading smartphone accessory makers has already begun ramping up production of a bunch of new, forthcoming accessories — namely, screen protectors and cases — for Apple’s ‘iPhone 7’ that’s believed to be launching this fall.

Coming to us courtesy of Pocket-lint, who was fortunate enough to get their hands on some of the new pieces at London’s exclusive Computers Unlimited Exposed event, these case and screen protector images reveal that they are manufactured by the popular accessory maker, Cygnett — which all but suggests the photos are more valid, rather than they are just a bunch of whispers from the rumor mill.

If these images indeed happen to be accurate, they would substantiate previous rumors that have indicated the ‘iPhone 7’ won’t be a dramatic update (design wise) over the current iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. But rather, as we’ve also heard recently, the Silicon Valley iPhone-maker will be saving the major aesthetic changes for it’s 10th anniversary ‘iPhone 7s’ that’s believed to be coming in 2017.

That said, the only real differences between the iPhone 6s and the forthcoming iPhone 7, is that the latter appears to feature an upgraded photo lens of some sort — while the ‘iPhone 7 Plus’ is still believed to ultimately feature that wicked awesome new dual-lens camera unit around back. Also, an additional, unidentifiable sensor was supposedly seen lingering around back of the forthcoming handset, alongside its camera sensor.

Photos: Pocket-lint

As Pocket-lint was quick to note, “The screen protector, which is designed to stick over the front of a phone to make the glass more sturdy, shows two sensor holes above the front microphone instead of one.”

Of course, these recent findings should be taken with the proverbial grain of salt — at least until Apple officially unveils it’s 2016 flagship later on this fall. However, for it’s part, Cygnett has claimed that the cases and screen protectors seen in these images are based on actual design specifications, and not rumors, as many might be quick to believe.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what ends up being the case (pun intended) later on this fall, when the ‘iPhone 7’ is all but certain to touch down.

What do you think about these recent accessory leaks? Are you expecting an iPhone 7 with major revisions this year?
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