One Famous Tech Author Explains Why He Believes Apple Isn’t What It Used to Be

One Famous Tech Author Explains Why He Believes Apple Isn't What It Used to Be
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Apple is a leader in technology. From early on, Apple showed its genius by producing products that were innovative, simple, user-friendly, and desirable. Not only that, but these products changed the way we listened to music, interacted with our cell phones, or used our computers. It is one of the greatest things about Apple: simple, sleek devices that pack a lot of power and technology.

But one person close to Apple believes that the tech company is straying from the ideas that have made it great. Apple’s marketing guru and author, Ken Segall, believes that a few of Apple’s recent moves are hurting the company rather than helping it keep ahead of the times. He’s got a bit of experience in the field, so he definitely knows what he’s talking about. After all, he was the ad agency creative director for Steve Jobs at one point.

But what does he mean? As Segall put it concisely: “A growing number of people are sensing that Tim Cook’s Apple isn’t as simple as Steve’s Apple.” So is it the products, the software, the direction of the company, or something else? Segall voiced a number of opinions on all of these.

He believes that the product naming system has gotten a bit too complicated and outlandish with the S and SE models. For one, he thinks the naming is misleading because doing so “[trains] the public that S years are the off years,” which is entirely true. But this train of thought is far from the truth.

If anything, the S models include better enhancements and functionality. Take for instance the iPhone 6s: 3D Touch, stronger aluminum design, and a higher megapixel camera when compared to the iPhone 6. Most people would agree the 6s (while not vastly different) is a worthy upgrade over the original iPhone 6.

Segall also stands his ground that the software has gotten a bit too complicated for users. While their iOS gains more functionality, things like iTunes are being neglected. And it seems like these days, more and more bugs are sneaking into Apple’s software.

Personally, I think that Apple has definitely strayed a bit from what it used to be. While still a highly coveted and iconic brand, Apple has missed a few things that make me think that they are more focused on appealing to the masses as opposed to staying true to ideas their company was founded on. Adapting to what folks need/want only detracts from the simplistic ideas that the company began (and subsisted on) from the get-go. Take it back to simple, Apple.

Do you think Apple has lost its way since the passing of Steve Jobs?
Or does Apple just keep getting better and better? Let us know in the comments below!

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