NYC Considers Allowing Residents to Use Apple Pay for Parking Tickets

Apple Watch Apple Pay Credit: Kaspar Grinvalds / Shutterstock
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The city of New York’s finance department is considering introducing different methods of payment for their parking ticket system, which accounts for nearly $30 billion in revenue in the city each year. Although there are currently several available channels for residents to pay and/or dispute their parking tickets, the city is looking at mobile solutions to make the process easier for its residents.

Among the possibilities brought up is the increasingly popular Apple Pay. The city is looking to implement a platform that would allow residents to quickly and easily pay for their tickets from a mobile device. Currently, residents can pay online, but the website is not mobile-friendly, and sometimes the tickets that have been issued can take days to show up on the online database (not to mention the “convenience fee” incurred for online payments).

Theoretically, the city would like to implement a system in which a resident could take a photo of their recent parking ticket (or perhaps scan a barcode), and pay via Apple Pay (PayPal is also being considered).

While this system has yet to be developed, the city hopes that it would cut down on the hundreds of thousands of dollars of fines for overdue or delinquent tickets that are passed on to residents each year.

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