Now You Can Order Pizza at the Flick of the Wrist on Apple Watch

Now You Can Order Pizza at the Flick of the Wrist on Apple Watch
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It seems as if almost every fast-food, and even some more premium dining establishments, have introduced online ordering in recent years.

This trend has been expanded on, all the more, with several of those establishments having launched the ability to order via a dedicated mobile application on your smartphone or tablet. And now, (wait for it) … To simplify your ordering experience even THAT much more, you can order almost any combination of delicacies from your local Domino’s Pizza, conveniently from the new Domino’s Pizza app for Apple Watch.


To reign in 2016, the pizza giant has updated its official Apple Watch app by adding an “Easy Order” option, which, as the name of the new feature might suggest, essentially enables you to save your favorite combinations of pizza and side dishes so that they can easily be ordered with just a few taps on your Apple Watch.

Unfortunately, however, due to obvious limitations of Watch OS, you can’t design new combinations directly from the Watch App; but rather, that can only be done directly from Domino’s website.

But hey, if you just so happen to be a big fan of Domino’s Pizza, you’re likely to already have a few combos saved in your “Saved Orders” tab on the company’s website, anyways, which will facilitate the ease of ordering from your Apple Watch right out of the gate.

The app is currently available to use in select regions, only, however the contiguous United States is among them. Simply pair your Apple Watch with the Domino’s app for iOS, enter your user information, and order in just seconds. The Domino’s Pizza app can be downloaded here.

What do you think about the new Domino’s Pizza app for Apple Watch? Can you see yourself ordering pizza directly from Apple’s wearable? Let us know in the comments below!

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