No Charger? No Problem: Here Are the Best iPhone 12 Chargers You Can Buy

Aukey 18W Charger
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Perhaps Apple’s biggest news of the year wasn’t the iPhone 12, or the new iPad Air. Not even the upcoming November event that’ll be held next week. No, the biggest news from the company this year was the announcement that the new iPhone 12 lineup wouldn’t come with a changer in the box.

That received mixed reviews from both Apple fans and basically the entire internet. While Apple claims this is a move to help the environment, which is partially true, we also have to admit the company will profit from this tactic as well.

The bottom line is if you’re getting an iPhone 12, you’ll likely need to buy a new charger.

If you’ve bought an iPhone before, you probably have one. The bad news is, the iPhone 12 includes a USB-C to Lightning cable. So If you don’t have a USB-C charging brick, specifically, laying around, you’ll have to buy one.

You can always buy one from Apple. Or you can get a third-party charger. Fortunately, we’ve picked the best chargers you can get. They’re either top of the line or the best for your money. Here are the best chargers you can buy for iPhone 12.

Apple USB-C Power Adapter

Apple USB C Power Adapter

Let’s start the list with the obvious option: Apple’s USB-C Power Adapter. You already know that if you buy a new charger made by Apple, it’ll work like a charm without any issues.

If the iPhone 12 came with a charger, you’d want it to be this one. This power adapter offers 20 watts to fast charge your iPhone, iPad or anything else with a compatible cable. You can even use it with older iPhones that support fast charging and power-up your devices faster than ever.

Apple’s USB-C Power Adapter starts at a price of $19, which isn’t that high coming from Apple. The bad news is that it doesn’t come with a cable, so you won’t have a spare one if you break the one the iPhone 12 comes with.

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CASA Hub O7 USB-C Wireless Charger

Casa Hub

Let’s face it, most of us have more than one device. You might have an iPhone, an iPad, some AirPods. The list goes on. It’s great to own several devices, except when it’s time to charge them all. Not only may you not have enough outlets, but you also may not even have enough chargers.

For times like these, the CASA Hub O7 is a lifesaver. You can plug in up to five devices at once. This hub sports a 4K HDMI audio/video port, an HD 1080p VGA port, USB 3.1 & USB 2.0 Type-A ports, and a USB-C port for PD charging.

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Aukey 90W Omnia Charger

Aukey 90W Charger

If you want to have a powerful charger, and money isn’t really a problem, then you should check the Aukey 90W Omnia Charger.

As you can see, this charger is relatively large, especially compared with other options on this list. It charges your devices with 90 watts of power. This means not only can it can charge your iPhone or other devices, but it can charge your MacBook as well.

You can also plug in up to 3 devices at once, which keeps the number of chargers you need to a minimum. Keep in mind, though, it’s not a cheap charger. You can get the Omnia Charger right now for $50, which isn’t cheap, especially considering that it doesn’t bring any cable with it. Still, if you have the money, this charger can power all your devices and even your computers.

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Anker 20W Nano iPhone Charger

Anker Mini Charger

Don’t get confused by its size, the Anker Nano iPhone Charger is considered one of the best chargers in the market. If you’re looking for a small, yet powerful charger, Anker is probably the best you can get. Despite charging your iPhone with 20 watts, just like Apple’s charger does, the Anker Nano charger has proven to charge your iPhone much faster. The Anker Nano iPhone Charger is the best for people that are always on the go or don’t want big chargers that take much space at home.

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Aukey 18W iPhone Charger

Aukey 18W Charger

If you want another small charger option, but at a cheaper price, the Aukey iPhone charger might be the one for you. Although it only powers your iPhone with 18 watts, you’ll still have fast charging available. Plus it offers built-protection that will keep your iPhone safe against overcharging, overheating, and excessive current. Even if it’s not by much, this is the cheapest charger on the list. So if you’re on a budget, or don’t want to spend that much money, you should consider this charger.

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Aukey 18W Wireless Portable Charger and Power Bank

Aukey Power Bank

Maybe you don’t want a car charger, but you do need something to charge your iPhone on the go. The Aukey Wireless Portable Charger is a great option for that. Okay, you got me. This isn’t exactly a wall charger, as much as it is a Power Bank. Still, it offers many advantages that it was hard not to include it on the list.

First, this portable charger lets you both wireless charge your iPhone at a power of 18 watts, or wireless charge it with 10 watts of power. Meaning, you don’t really need to carry around your cable to charge it on the go, although it’s worth mentioning that it does come with cables. Nevertheless, you just place it on top of the power bank and you’re all set.

Plus, since it’s got two different charging methods, you can charge two devices at once. You might think that’s a lot but with 20,000 mAh of capacity, this charger can take it.

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Anker 2-Port Fast Charger

Anker 30W Charger

If you want a charger that’s almost as big as Aukey’s Omnia charger, but at half the price, Anker’s got you covered. The Anker 2-Port Fast Charger offers similar features as Aukey’s Charger for only $23. You can charge up to two devices at once. When using both ports, the USB-C port charges with a power of 18W while the regular USB port uses 12W. It still offers faster charging times than most other regular chargers, and it’ll charge your iPhone and other devices in a couple of hours. Plus, its design remains small enough to be portable in most bags.

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RAVPower 10W Fast Wireless Charger

RAVPower Wireless Charger

The RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger lets you get a taste of wireless charging without spending as much as you would getting a MagSafe charger. And before you ask, no, the RAVPower charger can’t take advantage of the magnets on the iPhone 12. It’s a regular wireless charger without MagSafe support. That doesn’t mean it’s bad, though. Especially for the price, you’ll get a fast wireless charger for just $23. The best part is that it comes with its own QC 3.0 wall adapter and cable.

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Eggtronic 65W USB-C Portable Charger

Eggtronic Charger

The Eggtronic 65W USB-C Portable Charger is a different type of charger in many ways. For starters, this charger is one of the few that actually comes with a cable in the box. Sadly, that seems to be rare nowadays. The other big change with this charger is the design. You can see the Eggtronic Charger has a sleek, speckled design that fits right in your pocket. It also has a foldable plug so it’s easier to carry around. Finally, this charger is eco-friendly. The Eggtronic Charger helps you charge your devices in the most effective way possible to help the environment, and help you save money as well.

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Anker 30W Car Charger

Anker Car Charger

If you’re like me, you probably spend more time in your car than in your house. If that’s the case, you need to be able to charge your iPhone on the go – try the Anker 30W Car Charger. Just like the Anker wall charger, this is one of the fastest chargers you can get for your car. Plus, this charger lets you charge two devices at once. One with a USB-C cable, and another with a regular USB cable, which is perfect if you have company while driving.

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