Nintendo’s Next Mario Game for iPhone and iPad Is Coming This July

Dr Mario For Ios Iphone And Ipad Credit: Nintendo
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Nintendo has officially announced the release date for its latest iOS and Android game, Dr. Mario World. It also opened the game for preorders.

The highly-anticipated Mario title was first debuted back in January. But on Monday, Nintendo announced on Twitter that the mobile game would launch on July 10 on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

Dr. Mario World is basically a reboot of Dr. Mario, which was released in 1990 for NES and Game Boy. Unlike some other games in Nintendo’s mobile repertoire, the updated title is actually fairly faithful to the original.

Basically, it’s a Tetris-inspired match-three game in which players are tasked with clearing a board of colored “viruses” using capsules of the same color. Players can also clear out more of the board by using special Koopa shells and bombs, among other items.

When it first launches, Nintendo says the game will consist of multiple stages spread across five worlds. The Japanese game developer added that more stages, worlds and “surprises” would be coming in future updates.

Like basically every other mobile iOS game, Dr. Mario World is being marketed as a freemium title with optional in-app purchases.

Players will be able to use real-world cash to purchase diamonds, which are Nintendo’s in-game currency. These diamonds can be used to buy special items, continue playing after losing a level, or to add extra “hearts” — which are basically lives required to start new games. The hearts will regenerate over time and users will be able to ask their social friends for extra ones, however.

Dr. Mario World will also support some sort of multiplayer versus mode, including one-on-one gameplay. Currently, it’s not clear if this will be part of the app itself or if it’s a competitive leaderboard feature made available via social media integration.

While the game will launch in July, Nintendo is allowing fans to “pre-register” for Dr. Mario World — basically, preordering. If you’re on iOS, you can pre-register for the game on the title’s App Store page.

For more information, you can also visit Nintendo’s Dr. Mario World website here.

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