Nintendo’s Latest ‘Fire Emblem’ Game to Launch on iPhone and iPad Next Month

Nintendo's Latest 'Fire Emblem' Game to Launch on iPhone and iPad Next Month
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Nintendo has announced that its new Fire Emblem: Heroes smartphone game will simultaneously launch on Android and iOS on February 2.

The latest Fire Emblem game features a new storyline set in a time of war between the menacing Emblian Empire and the Kingdom of Askr, which stands in its way. Users play the role of summoners, who have the special ability to call heroes from other Fire Emblem worlds and enlist them in the struggle to defend the Askran Kingdom.

Like Fire Emblem games before it, Heroes is a tactical role-playing game that utilizes turn-based combat. Players fight with swords and sorcery on a smartphone-sized 8×6 square battle grid on which characters can maneuver. Intuitive touch controls allow you to drag allies and heroes onto enemies to attack, until every foe is vanquished and removed from the field of battle.

The game is free to download and encourages in-app purchases of orbs, which can be used to generate new heroes that can be trained and leveled-up. Users can acquire orbs for free through combat and gameplay, but the catch is that the orbs they earn are random. The assortment of orbs you spend to generate heroes determines their particular combination of attributes and abilities.

Heroes is the first of five smartphone games, including a new Animal Crossing installment, that Nintendo promised back in 2015. There’s no word yet on when the other four will be released.

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