Newest “Leaked Photos” of Apple’s iPhone 7 Are Actually Meizu’s Pro 6 Smartphone

Newest "Leaked Photos" of Apple’s iPhone 7 Are Actually Meizu's Pro 6 Smartphone
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Less than 24 hours ago we saw a photograph surface — straight from Foxconn itself, of all places — that allegedly showed off one of several possible exterior casings of Apple’s forthcoming ‘iPhone 7’ handset. The photo featured a smooth back and redesigned antenna positioning around the exterior edges of the device, which are design elements in line with current rumors circulating about Apple’s next iPhone flagship.

However, as fate would have it, the photo was actually of the Chinese firm Meizu’s upcoming ‘Pro 6’ flagship device.


Just this morning, in an unexpected blog post on the popular Chinese social networking website Weibo, Meizu Vice President of sales and marketing, Li Nan, effectively debunked the rumors that the surfaced photo was of Apple’s 10th generation iPhone-to-be — instead alleging that it was, in fact, a partial shot of his company’s forthcoming Meizu Pro 6 handset.

Nan’s blog post alleges that the photo in question was essentially a “spy shot” of Meizu’s 2016 flagship device, taken by a current employee of Apple’s primary iPhone manufacturer Foxconn and subsequently uploaded to the web — at which point they were widely believed to be of Apple’s ‘iPhone 7’ due in part to the design consistencies in line with what we’ve been hearing from the ‘iPhone 7’ rumor mill.

To completely debunk the sentiments that the leaked photo was not the iPhone 7, the Meizu VP uploaded a photograph of the bottom half of his company’s upcoming Meizu Pro 6 handset, which can be seen below bearing the “Meizu” branding.


Branding aside, the images appear nearly identical to what we know of the ‘iPhone 7’, boasting an iPhone 6-inspired design, including several aesthetic elements consistent with rumors of Apple’s forthcoming 2016 handset — particularly the thin, radio-transparent antenna bands seen at the top of the handset.

Nan, hoping to ensure the internet didn’t explode with excitement in regards to the images of a “leaked iPhone 7” handset, uploaded his additional picture this morning to effectively put the rumors to rest.


Meizu’s Handsets Look Astoundingly Similar to iPhones

Of course, with the ‘iPhone 7’ launch looming on the distant horizon, later this fall, the rumor mill has already been churning at full-force — as speculations and images continue to surface showing cases, cameras, and possible design hues that will differentiate the next iPhone from its predecessors. And while we still don’t know a whole lot, insofar as the device’s specifications are pertinent, many analysts have agreed that we can expect at least a few changes for certain — one being the omission of a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, and a possible ‘iPhone 7 Pro’ featuring a dual-camera setup around back.

Whatever the case may be, though, we can only assume that the rumors will keep on surfacing as we progress more and more into the year, inching our way closer to the almost certain fall 2016 announcement of the Cupertino-company’s next iPhone.

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