New Video Shows iPhone X’s Intuitive App Switcher in Detail

Apple SVP Says 3D Touch App Switcher Gesture Will Return Credit: Apple
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Since Apple unveiled its powerful new iPhone X flagship last month, we’ve witnessed an increasingly drool-worthy influx of leaked images, spyshots, and videos [mainly of Apple employees] interacting with their units in the wild. And quite honestly, by now it’s starting to seem as if the closer we get to pre-orders going live, the more vivid, detailed, and up-close-and-personal these leaks are becoming, doesn’t it?

Consider the following clip, which was originally uploaded to Imgur before being shared to Twitter earlier this morning, and is merely the latest in an exhaustive string of video leaks showcasing certain aspects of the iPhone X UI.

Much shorter but nonetheless sweeter than those before it, the clip offers us perhaps the clearest view yet of how app switching works on the Home button-less iPhone X.

Of course, if you tuned into Apple’s September 12 event, you might recall seeing the company showcase this iPhone X-exclusive feature on stage — however this is the first time we’ve seen it in such ‘in-your-face’ detail like this. And it truly looks amazing! Watch the video below.

Switching between apps on iPhone X

Since the iPhone X is Apple’s first iOS device to ship without a hardware Home button, which has from the get-go been iPhone and iPad’s primary app switching trigger, Cupertino’s team had to essentially reinvent the functionality for its edge-to-edge OLED flagship. And we’ve got to be honest: it looks like they did a phenomenal job, employing a fast, fluid and intuitive interface that allows users to simply swipe left or right on the display to switch between apps, as shown.

Alternatively, though not showcased in today’s video, iPhone X users will be able to engage with the traditional ‘card-based’ iOS app switching interface by swiping upwards on the screen and then press-holding the gesture to initiate that menu.

The clip, meanwhile, is just the latest in a string of recent video leaks showcasing the iPhone X in various colors, from various angles, and featuring various aspects of the user interface — some of which still need to be addressed by app developers, unfortunately. Of course, we can expect these minor issues to be worked out in time, although we’re now fewer than 48-hours away from pre-orders going live at 12:01 am on Friday, October 27, so we’re getting pretty excited either way.

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