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New Technology Lets Your Heart Choose Dates for You

New Technology Lets Your Heart Choose Dates for You
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Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in the world. Available in over 30 languages, an estimated 50 million people use the app every month, with users swiping through an estimated 1.6 billion profiles a day. Love the idea of Tinder, but can’t stand “swiping” so much? The new “Hands-Free Tinder App” for the Apple Watch takes the swiping out of Tinder.


The new app uses the Apple Watch’s heart-rate monitor to determine if the profile you are viewing is a match or not. If your heart-rate increases while viewing a profile, the app effectively “swipes right”, matching you with the profile your viewing. If your heart-rate decreases or shows no notable increase, the app will “swipe left” and ignore the profile. Creators of the app, T3 design agency, say “you choose with your heart”.

T3 claims that the app is “coming soon”, and could be available for iOS and Android phones as well as the Apple Watch. Because the app isn’t actually designed by Tinder itself, there may be some branding issues that must change before the app goes live. To see the app in action, check out the video below.



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