New Study Reveals Your Aging iPhone Is Actually a Major Turnoff

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If you’re looking for love, you might want to ditch your old smartphone — at least according to new data from a popular dating site. has released the results of its eighth annual Singles in America Study. The dating site surveyed 5,000 single Americans about various dating rituals, including tech-centric etiquette like the use and ownership of smartphones.

One of the findings is that, if you’re a single straight guy, you might want to upgrade your smartphone..

  • According to Match, women are 92 percent more likely than men to judge their suitors for having an aging handset.
  • Similarly, 14 percent of all singles said a cracked screen was also a no-go.

Those weren’t the only findings. While this isn’t a revelation by any means, the survey also found that just having a smartphone out during a date could snarl your chances at love (but let’s be real, we all knew this already).

Three-quarters of participants said they wouldn’t want their date answering the phone without an explanation, while about 66 percent said that texting while on a date was equally off-putting.

If you do text, make sure the volume is off — 14 percent said that audible clicks are annoying. Which, honestly, seems like a lower percentage than it should be.

Fifty-eight percent said that a phone placed face-up on a table was in bad form, and 41 percent said it was rude to take a phone to the bathroom or outside.

Interestingly, the survey also confirmed the age-old rivalry between iPhone and Apple users. Android owners were 15 times more likely to judge someone negatively if they owned an iPhone. On the flip side, Apple users were 21 times more likely to judge Android users.

You can read more about the results, and some of the study’s other findings, at Business Insider here.

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