New Concepts Reveal What a ‘Space Black’ iPhone 7 Might Look Like

New iPhone 7 Concepts Reveal What 'Space Black’ Might Look Like
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Just yesterday, word began to spread that Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 7 would not, in fact, be coming in a Deep, Midnight Blue color — as was suggested just a few weeks ago; but instead, the Cupertino-company’s Space Gray option would be replaced this year with a considerably darker, deep Black color option — more along the lines, perhaps, of Apple’s 4th generation TV set-top box.

And now, less than a day later, the good-old Internet is seemingly exploding with ‘Space Black’ iPhone 7 renders created by some notorious iPhone concept artists, which might give us a shimmering glimpse of what the hottest handset to launch in 2016 could potentially look like in the raw.

It’s usually customary, when news like this breaks, for the creative community of Apple fanatics to try their hand at creating concept renderings that effectively emulate the newest rumors. And while we’ve seen plenty of ‘iPhone 7’ concepts surface in recent months, these are the first images of the handset boasting the alleged ‘Space Black’ color that was rumored just yesterday.

Of course, we sincerely recommend taking these images in with a huge grain of salt — considering it’s fairly reasonable to assume that the actual shade of the forthcoming handset will vary to some extent when it’s ultimately revealed to us later on this fall. However, there’s certainly no arguing that it’s still a nice treat to see Apple’s creative fans at work — applying their skills to give the rest of us at least some idea of what might be looming just over the imminent horizon.

Apple’s iconic Space Gray color has seen quite a bit of transition on the color spectrum, in and of itself, over the years. Originally launched as an option for the Cupertino-company’s iPhone 5s handset back in 2013, Space Gray has also made its way onto other Apple products in recent years — including the iPad Pro, and the 12-inch MacBook. However, the company’s 4th generation Apple TV, as well as the Apple Watch, are both currently available in a dark, dark black color — almost along the lines of a brushed, black-clad aluminum, albeit considerably darker than the company’s current Space Gray iPhones.

And though we don’t know for certain exactly what colors the iPhone 7 will come to market this fall, it’s almost guaranteed that Apple will stick with the Silver/White, Gold/White, and Rose Gold/White mainstays.

Check out the concepts for yourself, and see how a dark iPhone might appeal to you! And, of course, remember that it won’t be too long until we find out exactly what’s in store.. Apple is expected to be unveiling the new ‘iPhone 7’ at a yet-to-be-announced media event likely to take place some time this September.

What do you think about a Space Black iPhone 7? Let us know in the comments!

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